You will need
  • - passport;
  • - application for refund;
  • receipt;
  • - warranty card.
Bringing shoes or boots home try them on again. Make sure that the heel does not RUB the heel, the zip closes without problems, the internal seams are taped and the insole of the label did not tear the stockings. If something is questionable, you can return the shoes in store within 14 days.
Pack shoes in a box. Check the package – if the shoes came with a special bag for storage or additional taps, they also need to return. Take received with the purchase receipt and passport.
In MAGAZINe, contact the seller. Get ready for what you will argue, to prove that money can not, will cause a lot of arguments in confirmation of the correctness of his words. Insist you have the right to return the goods of good quality, not used, for two weeks.
Shoes purchased with the allowance or credit, also refundable. The only condition – it should not be used. Insole and the sole should remain intact, glued labels should not be separated.
If in the process of wearing my shoes showed up a defect, you can return a faulty item. The warranty period for purchase specified in the issued certificate. Usually it is a month and a half. Keep in mind that the counting starts from the beginning of the season. The date depends on the region. For example, in Northern areas the winter season starts earlier and lasts longer. The exact dates you will be able to contact the local branch of the Committee for the protection of the rights of consumers.
To return the damaged shoes make a statement in two copies. Specify the date of purchase and describe the defect you identified. One application pass the administration storeand more Express yourself.
The store may take the product for expert evaluation. Demand a receipt that you gave the thing, and stipulate the period of examination. You can evaluate and at their own expense. If a manufacturing defect is confirmed, the store will refund the money spent on expert services.
If the shop refuses to accept the goods of marriage and return the money to you, submit a petition to the court. Consult with the experts of the Committee for the protection of the rights of consumers – explain the prospects and help make a claim. The pending lawsuit may take up to two months. However, if the judgement is in your favor, you will not only return the money for the defective shoes, but will also receive an additional amount for the forced postponement of this payment is 1% of the purchase price.