Advice 1: How to return an item purchased on the market

Often, buying goods in the market, consumers do not require from the seller a check. And when the purchased item is defective, people say goodbye to spending money. And it is in vain. You can return the item to the seller. If you bought a defective product, the seller is obliged to replace it, to eliminate the defects or pay to repair, or to return the money. But what if the seller refuses to help you, and your purchase check you do not have?

How to return an item purchased on the market
You will need
  • Packaging product, tag product, invoices, and documentation of the seller's witnesses.
Prove that the thing you bought in this store, tent, trading point. Make it easy, since the seller can refuse the sale. Enlist the help of witnesses, people who were with you at the time of purchase.
Look closely at the product packaging, so as to prove that it was purchased in this outlet, you can use the package. It can be the mark of the seller. The box can also be branded and can be given information of the seller.
Require to present documentation of the outlet. It usually needs to be recorded information about your product: article and serial number of the product.
Carefully read the label of the product or the sales receipt if you have it preserved. There can be specified the name of firm or individual entrepreneur.
Make a written complaint in two copies, if the seller is still unlocked or rude. Your appeal should be short and clear. Hard to present their requirements.
Refrain from asking the tone, because you want to seek justice. One copy of the claim give to the seller, and the other take. On it the seller should put a note on the receipt, sign or seal.
If the seller refuses to make a claim, please contact the shopping centre or market. And your question will not be left without attention.
Don't panic, if the employer accuses you of damaging things. You can prove that at the time you purchase the thing was already defective.
Remember that you can request examination. You also have the right to be present during its conduct, that was not violated your interests. For this a written claim request to inform about the time, date and place of the examination.
If the examination confirms that it is you who have ruined the goods, to pay for an expert you have, not the seller. But if the examination reveals marriage, then ask the seller to replace the goods or reduce the price of the product, or refund, or reimbursement for repairs.
The absence of the check from buyer or other document confirming the fact of purchase, is not a reason for refusal in satisfaction of its requirements.
Useful advice
The defective item you can return even without the packaging.

Advice 2 : How to get the thing on the market

Goods at the flea market you don't sell physical persons and private entrepreneurs and enterprises of trade. This means that the famous law "On protection of consumer rights" apply to them. Therefore, it does not matter where the item was purchased in store or on the market. You have the right to just return the thing on the marketif it was purchased there.
How to get the thing on the market
According to article 25 of the law, you can return the thing of proper quality within 14 days from the date of purchase. It is not necessary to inform the seller that you simply change your mind and want to return the product. In this case the refund may be effected only with his consent. The reason for the return may be that you are not satisfied with the form, dimensions, style, coloring or components of the product.
By law, the return of goods of proper quality can be made only in the case where it can not be replaced. Therefore, the seller will try first to find a suitable alternative you bought the product and will offer you a similar model. Only if there is no replacement, you return the money within three days after your treatment.
Condition of refund will be the full safety stuff and its consumer properties, no traces of use, all trade labels, seals and the presence of a cash receipt confirming the purchase of the item from this seller. If the check was not or lost it, you need to collect the testimony of three witnesses who can confirm the fact of purchase.
If you have purchased a thing on the market and discovered defects only after he brought her home, when it is returned refer to article 4 and 18-24 of the Law. Write a statement specifying the name of trade enterprises in the receipt for the purchase. In the text refer to the specified article of the law and ask them to refund you in cash through the cashier. Statement you may not even be required. When you present the seller discovered defects, he can return the required amount without this. In case of failure please contact the market. As a rule, there are representatives of Department on protection of consumer rights, and they will see to your right have been met in full.
You will not be able to exchange or return the item which is mentioned in the List approved by RF Government decree of January 19, 1998 № 55. This, in particular: hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics, underwear, hosiery, etc.
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