The specifics of the problem, the return of defective shoes is that often marriage is manifested in the process of socks, and because returns and exchanges are subject to the goods not used, it is very difficult to prove that the damage occurred through no fault of the buyer.

The rule of seasonality

The legislation obliges the outlets give a warranty card or a receipt indicating the duration of the warranty, usually it is 30 days, but since the legislation does not provide a clear framework, the warranty period may vary depending on the store. If there is no warranty, the buyer is entitled to bring claims for defects within 2 years from the date of purchase. You must also consider that the shoes are classified by 2-m concepts:

- kruglosutochnaya sports, home, office, its guarantee does not depend on the season and is calculated from the date of purchase;

seasonal – summer, winter, demi-season, its guarantee is not calculated from the date of purchase and the respective season.

That is, if you buy summer shoes in winter, its warranty period starts from the onset of the season. Each region has its own seasonal limits, for example, the Central regions of Russia the winter season from 1 November until 1 March, mid-season from 1 March to 1 may and from 1 September to 1 November, summer from 1 may to 1 September. If shoes are purchased within the framework of the season, its warranty starts from the date of purchase.

Types of guarantees

In the "Law on consumer rights protection" of the Russian Federation, developed two types of warranty on shoes:

Guarantee shopping are obliged to replace the product, if the Shoe not fit your size, style, size, color and shape. You can return it within 2 weeks from the date of purchase if the shoes are left unworn and retains its marketability. You will need to bring shoes in their original packaging and present a check.

quality guarantee - if you find a defect in the already worn shoes, you must confirm the existence of the defect through examination. An independent specialist can determine whether the marriage factory or was the fault of the buyer, due to incorrect operation. You are entitled to a replacement of goods, the elimination of marriage or a refund, if was discovered the following defects: worn or unstuck sole, a violation of the thread seams, chipped paint. The examination lasts no more than 20 days in the case of a guilty plea of the store are bound to return or exchange within 10 days. If the seller refuses to compensate the damage, you can go to court and to return the money spent not only for purchase, but conducted the examination.

Purchase cannot be exchanged or returned if the defects occurred due to wrong operation or attempts by the buyer to repair the shoes (except replacement naboek). The warranty does not apply to cases where weather conditions affect the product, as well as consumables, such as laces or printed cloth.

Thus, you can avoid many problems if you find a defect in time before the expiry of the warranty period, and kept the receipt.