The law is on the consumer side. According to the "Law on the rights of the consumer," you may return shoes within 14 days from the date of purchase. Ask for a refund, citing the law. Knowledge of their rights and responsibilities helps in many situations. If the seller refuses to take back the shoes, to his superiors, in writing having received the complaint. If this does not help, contact consumer Protection, also issued a written statement and attach all required documents.
Clean – the guarantee of return. When contacting the store requesting replacement product or a refund check once more below on the Shoe or package no traces of mud, was saved all the receipts and the coupons. Otherwise the seller has the right to refuse you due to improper presentation.
Check check different. Often when you purchase you are given cash or receipts. If for some reason this was not given, do not leave the store until he will get. Ask to get you a check. If broken cash register, require that the seller sent you to check the warranty from the hand by specifying the name of the store, its details, the model of your Shoe, total payment amount, your initials and signature. So you protect yourself from possible misunderstandings.
Paper century. You can often see coming out of the store, the customer leaves a check issued to him in the nearest trash can. Never, never do. Always keep all your receipts, any warranty cards and other documents during the period when you can every day to take the shoes back. Upon delivery of the goods, give good reason for the return and make a claim in writing, enclosing all necessary documents (receipts, coupons, warranties).