Within two weeks you can return shoes to the store without any explanation. This time is given by the law to ensure that you understand suits you shoes or not, if not too tight when walking, etc. Even if you just missed the color or you like the model wear a pair back to the store.
The absence of a sales receipt is not a refusal to return does not fit the Shoe. If the seller doesn't want to help you, so call head. If the head refuses to take back shoes - write a letter to the store Manager with the request to return money for the goods purchased. Such claims are considered within 14 working days. Make two statements that in case of failure you can contact the CPS.
Do not hesitate to assert their rights. The shoes there are the warranty period and if, at the expiration of the shoes is torn or departed sole is return the product back. Very often sellers refuse to accept, on the grounds that the warranty period begins from the date of sale, and he has passed. This is not so. The warranty period begins with the first day of the season, for which the intended product. For example, if you bought winter shoes in June, the warranty period will begin in November. Tell that to the seller.
Usually, if you begin to assert their rights, the representatives of the outlets I prefer not to argue and get the money back for the goods. If not - write a complaint in the complaints book and call the CPS. There your complaint will record and send the inspector in unfair trade point. If he discovers violations of the shop will be fined. In addition, the inspector will require the management of the store to refund you for the goods.