Be sure the house will consider the purchased goods. Zipper on the shoes should be well fastened, the heel should be stable, but the model itself does not have to press and RUB the leg. Check if all the seams are glued and stitched, there are no defects and scratches on the skin, not rubbing on the heel if the foot.
Remember that according to the law on the protection of the rights of consumers you can return shoes to the store within 14 days from the date of purchase.
If you are going to wear shoes to the store, pack them in the box in which they were sold. Check it on the spot. Often bundled with shoes go for more taps. Moreover, each of the shoes can be Packed in a separate protective package. Prepare a check that you gave in store when making a purchase, and your passport.
Arriving at the store, which had purchased the shoes contact the seller, running in the hall, or to the Manager of the institution. Tune in to what you can just to disagree and refuse to return the money for the goods. Do not get lost and insist that you know the rights of buyers and have every reason to return shoes that did not wear one in the shop for two weeks from the moment it was purchased.
Refund is subject to any footwear, including the one that was bought on sale or markdown. The main thing that it was not wear, all stickers and labels were retained, but the insole and the soles were in perfect new condition.
Buy new shoes, pay attention to the warranty card that comes with it. It generally ranges from one to two months. If within that time to wear shoes is found the marriage, i.e. it is broken or damaged, you can also go to the store. It is necessary to make a written statement indicating the reason for the return purchase and the exact date of this purchase. It is important to note that the warranty period begins on the day that as purchased the shoes, and since the beginning of the season for which it is designed. For each specific region, this date is individual. Most likely, the returned product will be sent for examination. Don't forget to take a receipt from the employee of the shop that he got from you a couple of specific shoes. After a few days, if the expert confirms the marriage, you will return the money.
Don't be afraid to sue if the store does not recognize his mistake and does not want to return the money. If truth is on your side, then it is likely to win. However, the store will reimburse all costs associated with the judicial process.