You will need
  • - statement by the seller;
  • box and receipt;
  • - act examination conducted by the seller;
  • - the act of an independent examination;
  • - a statement to the court.
If you bought shoes and didn't notice the marriage at once, and became the shoes to wear, after which the defect was discovered, thoroughly wash boots, shoes, sneakers, sandals, dry it away from heat, pack in a box and contact the seller. When handling a defective pair of shoes you must have cash or a receipt. If a box of shoes you've been dumped, and I can't find, this is not a reason to refuse to replace a defective pair of shoes. However, the seller can say that this shoes are not bought in his store, so check it is better to keep.
The store in writing notify the seller that you want a refund for a defective product, exchange it with a new pair or get a different model with an additional charge.
Don't forget that wearing shoes should not be scuffed, scratched, have signs of heavy use. Can only be replaced defective shoes which you found the defects in the first days of operation, or apparent manufacturing defect with careful use.
The seller shall at his own expense to perform an examination and present you with a report confirming the results. If the act examination conducted by the seller, provided that the defects occurred due to improper wear, care or storage, you have the right to appeal to independent experts, to pay for the expertise to obtain written results, and then file a claim in court.
The seller of the product you can not only charge the full amount for the defective shoes, but also to reimburse the costs associated with the examination, and court costs and loss of profit by reasons of non-attendance at work due to downtime associated with the examination and the courts.
Almost any seller will not communicate with litigation, as he knows what that means. So you will easily be able to return defective items and get back cash or a pair of shoes without defects.