You will need
  • defective shoes, the receipt, packaging, booklet with the Law on protection of consumer rights
Make it a rule not to throw a check and a box of shoes immediately after purchase. The presence of packing and receipt will considerably simplify the process of returning the shoes. However, the lack of the check and the packaging does not mean that you will not be able to return the defective shoes, as a receipt is always printed in two copies, one of which remains with the cashier. But the fact of the purchase is entered in a special log.
According to the Law on the protection of the rights of consumers, such goods as footwear is seasonal, that is, the warranty period begins from the date of purchase, and since the onset of season for these shoes. For example, the warranty on winter shoes, bought in the summer, starts with the onset of winter time.
Before going to return the shoes, make sure that the product is inoperable due to factory defect and not due to wrong operation. Before purchasing carefully examine the purchased product for visible defects. Remember that according to the law, you are entitled to claim either a replacement product or refund the full cost of the defective purchase.
You should also know that according to the Law on the protection of consumer rights, warranty period of one month set by the sellers of shoes, is nominal. In other words, if after the expiration of one month from the date of purchase, but within two years, your shoes out of order not your cause, then you can go to the store and demand a replacement.
If the seller refuses to refund or replace the product, then ask to put it in writing. Then you can go to court with a claim for compensation for your damage. It often happens that after mentioning the judiciary, the sellers compromise. So you need to be confident in their rightness and give yourself cheat. Keep the booklet with the Law on the protection of the rights of consumers at home on the shelf.