Write a letter of claim in a free written form on standard A4 sheet. In the upper right corner, traditionally assigned rules of registration of business documents under details, specify the name, ownership and address from the retailer. Write the job and personal data (surname, name and patronymic) of the head of the firm, which actually addressed the claim. Below we will forward your details (name, address and telephone number). In the center of the sheet write the name of the document "Claim".
How to write <strong>the claim</strong> <b>shoes</b>
The main part of the start with establishing the fact of purchase of a pair of shoes at a specific store, citing existing supporting documents (receipt, warranty certificate). Then describe identified after the purchase of the disadvantages of this pair of shoes.
How to write <strong>the claim</strong> <b>shoes</b>
Describe your requirements, which can be replaced on the same pair of shoes, lower cost, elimination of defects (repair) or refund. Be sure to include the reference to article 18 item 1 of the Law "On protection of consumer rights", according to which you are entitled to fulfill one of your requirements.
In the final part, specify a period that is allotted by the Law for consideration of your claim. And inform about your intentions to apply to the court for further proceedings, if the seller is not taken to meet your legal requirements. List the applications that will be addition to your letter (receipt and warranty).
How to write <strong>the claim</strong> <b>shoes</b>
Sign the claim and date of its compilation. Make a letter in two copies, one of which (with return receipt) will stay with you.