Remember that under the law, each buyer has the right to return the goods back within two weeks, without explaining the reason. It is possible to do, even if you lost the receipt and no packaging. The main thing is to purchased the thing had a presentation.
If purchase you find any defect, you can demand a replacement or a refund. In some cases, can not do without examination. By law, it must pursue the seller for its own account. Don't forget with the transfer of goods in the act of acceptance to indicate their claims to his appearance – scratches, chips, cracks.
To pass a purchase on a General basis it will be possible with the sale, although in many stores you can find the inscription, which States that things with Salem will not be accepted back. But here, the client is right - no restrictions here. It is necessary to know that such rules do not extend on the goods which are sold at a reduced price due to defects. To return this thing , you can only if found another flaw, which you didn't.
The good news for buyers is that more recently these rules are subject to and virtual stores. The law "On consumer rights protection" was amended, stipulating the possibility of a return of goods purchased in the online store. As experts recommend, if you can't find the address of the virtual store, you can go to the tax office. In this case the right of refund is increased to three months.
But there are products that you will not be able to return or change. These include: personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, combs, pins), perfume and cosmetics, underwear, hosiery, household products, drugs, weapons, animals and plants, as well as books, brochures, albums, calendars, booklets.