Defecation bowel

Containment of feces before the bowel movement is destructive to the gut and subsequently can cause other diseases. If you long to go to the toilet, you can get such disorders as constipation, hemorrhoids, formation of fecal stones. Entraps feces can cause poisoning of the body or coprostasis (blockage of the intestine). All state data can also lead to the formation of cancerous tumors in a straight line or small intestine.
Over time, the intestinal walls begin to form stones made of hardened stool that can also lead to problems which at first glance are not connected with the authority.

Defecation of faeces should be carried out immediately at the appearance of urgency. In a healthy body procedure of getting rid of the feces needs to occur not less often than 1 time in 1.5 days. The hold feces for a period which is less than 1.5 days, will not affect bowel movements. However, after the expiration of this time, the feces will start to secrete poisons, which enter through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, able to poison the body and cause such symptoms as nausea, vomiting.

Urinary retention

The volume of the bladder of the average healthy person can range from 250 to 400 ml. the First urge to empty occurs when the body is filled with liquid up to 50-60%. Thus the person who daily consumes 2 liters of water or more need to urinate 4-7 times a day.

Calm when the need arises bowel movements bladder the person is able to tolerate without damage to health for quite a long period of time, which would be enough for the maximum containment of urine. If the body is no longer able to hold back urine, you can work the reflex and defecation will happen on their own.
Therefore, you cannot endure the desire to urinate, but nevertheless, to endure and not worth it. Frequent urine retention in the bladder may lead to disturbances in the urinary system.

Symptoms of bladder diseases may appear after six months, if the patient daily to try to keep your trip to the toilet. At long containment bladder begins to stretch, which affects the functionality of the body. This can lead to incontinence, the formation of stones in bladder and kidney due to overflow of excessive accumulation of urine in the urinary system. The ingress of urine to the kidneys has a negative impact on their performance and may cause the development of serious pathological processes in the body.