Can constipation?

Constipation is the inability of the cat to empty the bowel, resulting inside the body can occur unpleasant processes. The stool should ideally be output to the outside, otherwise they poison the body of an animal decay products. Because of this may suffer liver, kidney, heart and can even deteriorate the appearance of the animal. There were times when the cat would die, if she doesn't have time.

Symptoms and causes of constipation

If the cat can not do his business in the toilet, then it starts nausea or vomiting, it becomes lethargic, listless, lost her appetite, and the belly swells. Sitting in the tray, the cat starts to scream restlessly.

Cause of constipation may be various diseases. For example, kidney failure, inflammation of the anus or rectum, disease of the large intestine, the problems of an orthopedic nature (impossible to sit comfortably), hernia, tumor, cysts in cats. But most often it appears due to improper feeding, especially natural food; accumulation of refined wool in the intestines, or swallowed a foreign body. Constipation is much more common in cats than in females; sedentary or aging animals.

Treatment of constipation

If you notice symptoms of constipation in your cat, give her paraffin oil. It is sold everywhere at any pharmacy. This oil is not absorbed by the cat, is not absorbed in the intestine. It covers the intestinal wall and softens stool. Mineral oil is given to the cat orally 2-3 times a day 5 ml. do Not let the cat other oils (castor or vegetable). First, they are perfectly assimilated by the body of a cat; and secondly, may harm the pet if you give them in such large numbers.

The most common way of dealing with constipation in cats is a mixture of water with condensed milk. This sweet blend softens the stool in the intestines of cats, and she will easily be able to empty it.

When persistent constipation, the veterinarian may advise the use of medicinal laxatives. It can be Duphalac or Sodium Picosulfate. Not only do they soften the contents of the intestine, and normalize its work.

If constipation is not cured at home, you should take the animal to the clinic, where she will do an enema. Also at the clinic is to undergo a checkup by a doctor, blood tests and do an abdominal ultrasound to identify the causes of constipation.

Prevention of constipation

If your cats constipation is often, maybe you should reconsider her diet and possibly change it. The diet should contain all the useful minerals, and a decent amount of fiber.

Don't feed your pet from the table. Buy her dry food of good quality or cook separately. In porridge, in addition to meat, add vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, beans) and steamed bran.

So the cat did not swallow a lot of their wool, it is often to comb and to give prophylactic paste for removing hair from the intestines.

For a good functioning of the intestines, the cat needs to move a lot. Get her balls or pads, training equipment for climbing, often take her out for a walk. An active lifestyle has a positive effect on peristalsis.