Advice 1: How long does a passion for the man

Relationship men and women often begin not with love, not with sympathy, and with passion. The lovers are driven insane desire and lust. They are ready most of the time alone. However, passion is not eternal.
How long does a passion for the man

What is passion and how much it lasts?

Lovers personality excessively vulnerable and easy to the signals of the subconscious. Passion is a true companion of love. This feeling is beyond the control, it affects the behavior and actions.
Otherwise, passion is the desire of someone or something with a highly pronounced emotional context.

Average of passion to the man lasts from several weeks to one year, and then a reassessment of the situation, choice and necessity. Usually this is enough to win over a partner and to know him. Sometimes the period is delayed as long as the pair begins a joint cohabitation. It was then I notice all the flaws and negative qualities of men.
However, after some time, the passion goes to another stream.

If things continued to bubble and boil forever, people would not be able to achieve your goals. This passionate temporary insanity, perfect for many couples, is remembered for a lifetime, when you can't without an object of adoration neither the day nor the second. This phase is replaced by another, the desire to be together forever, start a family and have children. Such phenomena change the feelings associated with various hormones released at different intervals of the relationship.

How to stop time

Passion starts its life in moments of love, helping to Express all the feelings piling up inside, spilling out the storm of emotions out. With the extinction of this fire, begins to fade love. For the long life of these feelings need constant ignition of the hearth. Without need sparks passion lives very little time until the entire stock of emotions will not cease, but then a lull...

Unfortunately, you cannot stop time or go back, in order again to feel it all. There are two options, the first is to start a new relationship each time passion and experience again and again. But, of course, constantly live like this will not work, so the second option is to constantly maintain feelings much more effectively.

Even in adulthood some people feel passion to each other. Such situations are extremely rare, but do happen. It all depends on the temperament and course of the relationship. Constant care, gratuitous desire to deliver pleasure to another, to live problems and worries partner, this is what keeps the fire of love and sparks of passion.

Everything in life has a logical conclusion, but only you determine the period between the beginning and the end of this phase.

Advice 2: From passion to love: the 7 stages of relationship

Many couples mistakenly believe the passion that erupts between a man and a woman in the beginning of the relationship, true love. However, as soon as the romance goes and starts the first difficulties in the relationship, the lovers believe that the feelings are gone, love is over. Actually real love cannot just end, it means that it is simply not there.
From passion to love: the 7 stages of relationship

Passion or honeymoon phase of our relationship

When a man and a woman fall in love with each other, their organisms occur violent chemical reaction. The world they see in bright rainbow colors. They look at your partner and notice in it only what they want to see in this magic time of love. People are in the state of narcotic intoxication and are unable to adequately assess the situation.

Satiety, sobriety

Replaced the honeymoon period in a relationship there comes a moment of sobering up. An avalanche of emotions starting to subside and glasses, through which the lovers used to look at each other, not so pink. The man begins a more sober assessment of your partner and comes the period of revaluation of values. Now you begin to trust each other and behave more naturally.

Rejection, rejection

This stage is characteristic of virtually all long-lasting relationships. In moments of rejection between people quarrels. Now the lovers are on the contrary, begin to focus on the shortcomings of each other. Mutual nitpicking and accusations often at times lead to a breakup, but if you gain strength and begin to work on a relationship, then it will inevitably come next, calmer stage of love.

Patience, understanding

Quarrel between the lovers continues, but they are not fatal. Quarrels end, and the relationship is again restored. Partners gradually learn to understand and accept each other with all faults. The understanding and worldly wisdom.

The respect and sense of duty

This is the final stage of the honeymoon period and the first stage of true love. It is from respect comes true deep feeling. Selfishness. Inherent in the people, goes by the wayside, and lovers are already beginning to think as a couple. They are now the thicket start to think about your partner and try to make him happier.

A close friendship

Lovers are already talking to each other like real close friends. They trust each other to share intimate secrets and pressing problems, trying to solve them together.

True love

Little who isn't so fortunate in life to experience real love in family life. Love cannot occur accidentally and suddenly. She gradually nurtured over the years and goes through many difficult trials in life.

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