Advice 1: How to teach a cat in a private house to ask for toilet outside

Usually, breeders sell or give in good hands kittens who are already accustomed to the tray. But what about people in private houses, if you do not want to spend money on litter and time cleaning? Because all the decent village cats do their business outside, it is comfortable and natural. There are several ways to teach a furry pet asking to go outside and relieve themselves outdoors.
How to teach a cat in a private house to ask for toilet outside

Accustom the cat to the street with tray

If the tray is in a secluded location away from leaving the house, begin to gradually move it closer to the door. Just move it 2-3 meters every few days. The kitten will find a tray at a new place by smell.

Fluffy Tomboy too accustomed to the place, finds your toilet and leaves a puddle on the floor? It will pay special attention, to watch him. As soon as the kitten escaped the former site of the toilet with the purpose of naprudil another puddle, starts to rake in typical foot invisible filler, urgently pick up it and take in a tray at a new place. Be patient, show him the new location of the tray again and again. After a few days your whiskered pet will get used to it, the tray has the ability to quietly navigate and learn to find it yourself.

When the tray reaches the front door, feel free to send it over the threshold. As soon as the baby starts to look for the missing the toilet, open the door and let him out. The cat has no choice: either he will do his business in the tray, or find a good bunch of land for this purpose.

Some time after these manipulations pet will appreciate all the beauty in the street toilet, the variety of places for digging in the earth and independence from the hosts and cleanliness of the tray. He starts to ask on the street itself, to cast a vote at a threshold and to sharpen its claws against the door jamb.

It is the most effective method, but it requires a lot of time to implement. There are quicker options for training the kitten to go to the toilet outside. But they require from owners more attention to the pet. Ideally, during training, one of the owners must constantly be home to watch katakai.

Other ways to teach a cat to pee on the street

As soon as kitty starts to look for a dark corner and show by their behavior that he needs to use the toilet, have him stand on the street. Long the baby will not be tolerated and still do their business outdoors. Watch him and to repeat these steps daily until he gets used that does not have a tray and can use but lawn near the house.

Another way to accustom your cat to the toilet in the street is to walk him after every meal. As soon as he eats, leave it outside and walk in nature. Little frolic, run through the grass and find a good pile of sand for the needs. After a few days the shaggy dog will develop a reflex immediately after eating to go for a walk and doing there own business.

Advice 2 : How to accustom the cat to the owner

Each cat is individual and has its own character. Whether it's a homeless kitten or fluffy and kind of a homebody. Cats can show their affection very differently. How to teach your pet to hand?
How to accustom the cat to the owner
So, first you need to learn one rule, cats are very sensitive creatures. To introduce the cat to the owner should be gradual and not Intrusive. If the first time your pet is off the owner – nothing. Is not necessary to forcibly hold the cat on his hands and wait for it you will abccarpet.
To accustom the cat to the owner should gradually. To start, start it just to pet or scratch behind his ear. Then try to lure her with something (e.g. a piece of sausage) closer to your palms. As soon as the pet approached, do not just nervous enough on hand to keep near me. We need to make sure that the cat was distracted or forgot for the time that she's near your palms.
It should be noted that a small kitten is easier to accustom to the hand, than the adult cat. For adult cats will have to be patient.
If your pet is showing you signs of attention, that's good. For example, a cat can go with you in one bed or sit with you on the same sofa. Affection and love on the part of the pet should be encouraged.
You also need to understand that not every cat likes touching. Then we must resort to more serious measures. For example, you can purchase at any pet store special cat spray with a high content of pheromones. Nabryzga this spray the palm of your hand, you sweep as the cat itself will be attracted to you. But do not very often resort to this method as the cat may be addictive and develop the reflex to this medicine. Subsequently, you will be hard to wean cat from this medication. You can also use a special Catnip.
Cats are very touchy creatures. If you have ever hurt your pet, it is unlikely that he will just jump on the hand. Should be treated more carefully and is sensitive to the cat. If you give the cat the love, joy and affection, a cat will answer you the same. So don't despair if in the first month a pet and not used to hands.
Useful advice
It should not be too hard to go after the cat and put her up because then she will be afraid.

Advice 3 : How to accustom a cat to a home cooked meal

Many of us are kept in the homes of cats. Some owners faced with a situation where the kitten you bought it, refuses normal food and only eats ready purchase wet or dry cat food. This is due to the fact that the previous owners fed him only store food.
How to accustom a cat to a home cooked meal
You must wean your pet from this harmful habit, not only because constantly buy is not always cheap food is quite expensive, but also because it may harm the health of the cat. Veterinarians are of the opinion that dry and wet cat food cannot provide all the necessary animal vitamins and minerals, but also harm his health.
To accustom a cat to a homemade food in several ways. The most effective of these is the gradual replacement of feed home-made food. To do this in a bowl put pet food, replacing about 10 percent of the usual meal. If you use wet food, it's very easy namyat bread, pasta, potatoes, cereals, etc. If your pet prefers dry food, it is better to prepare special porridge or vegetable puree. The recipe of porridge for the cat is very simple: take chicken necks, feet, bone and the rest meat and sausage cutter, boil and add grits. Gradually increase the amount of homemade food in the bowl and lessen the amount of food.
Some cat owners are tired of the whims of the pet resort to more radical methods. In order to accustom the cat to a homemade food, you just need to put him in a bowl is not food, and other food. When an animal is hungry, it will eat what is offered.
Other owners, pitying your pet, suggest to offer him instead feed other treats. Give your cat a piece of meat or sausage instead of feed him food. The animal is not accustomed to eat only meat, mix it with bread, mashed potatoes, pasta, etc. So you can gradually accustom the cat to homemade treats.
To completely abandon the feeding of special foods is not necessary. You can add them to the food to the animal one or two times a week. Indeed, in the special feed still contained some of the vitamins required for your pet, especially in autumn and winter, when to get their homemade products is quite difficult.

Advice 4 : How to teach your kitten to the tray quickly

When you first brought in your house a little fluffy mewing lump, then you naturally raises the dilemma of how to teach a kitten to the tray. Cats are tidy enough, but because we learn to walk in a private toilet rather quickly with the right approach.
How to teach your kitten to the tray quickly
Delay to accustom the kitten to the tray can cost you dearly, and therefore simultaneously with the nubbin in the house should see the place for the toilet. In addition to the tray you will need cat litter, and a spatula for cleaning.
Put the tray in the desired location, pour a little of the filler. When you see that the kitten was concerned, began to sniff different nooks, get him to the toilet, put in pan, explain that gentle voice, that's where he needs to do his business.
About a week carefully follow the behavior of the cat. Try to take the baby to the tray after sleeping and eating, as it is at this time the animals defecate.
When the kitten is done doing his business in the tray, be sure to pet and praise him.
If at first it does not work, and you will find in the wrong place the traces of the crime, carefully collect all and put in a tray, show the kitten what and where should be. Place the stool a good wash and sprinkle with perfume, vinegar or lemon juice, as the pungent smell will not go to the bathroom kitten in this place again. In any case don't hurt the baby and not poke his nose in the stool, otherwise he might be offended.
To accustom your kitten to the tray, don't forget to leave the door to the room where it will be going to the toilet, open.
In time to change the contents of the tray, otherwise the animal can make their case next.
If the kitten does not want to visit the toilet, show it to the vet. He may have problems with urination. You can also try to change the tray or filler, not every kitten like the fact that you had chosen for him.
If the kitten defecates in a specific place to put the tray, and then gradually move it to the right place.
Useful advice
You may have seen that some cats go to the toilet on the toilet, and you want to know how to teach a kitten to go to the toilet thus. Actually make it easy. When accustomed to the tray, the kitten will grow, every day lift the pan 5-10 cm from the floor and then move it slowly to the toilet. In a week or two try to clean the litter box - the cat needs to do his business in the toilet.

Advice 5 : How to teach a cat to walk on the street

Though cats are not dogs, but a craving for fresh air they have, like all animals, have. To tame a cat (cat) to walk you need to fail, because the fresh air, and yet no one never hurt. Most importantly, the cat was not aggressive and rabid. Otherwise, walks in the fresh air, you can forget.
The harness will not allow the cat to get into trouble!


The fresh air need both humans and animals. No need to think, if a cat is a purely domestic creatures, and sit all his life in the four walls they like. This is not so. They also want from time to time in the fresh air. Any trip outside will be useful for cats because it is a very curious animals.

Of course, the easiest way is accustomed to walks and dog harnesses small kittens – they are the easiest way to adapt to the new environment. Adaptation for kittens – it's a real game! Adult cats and dogs, of course, also can be trained to walk, however you should be patient.

How to teach cats to walk?

The harness. First of all, you need to purchase a special cat leash – harness. This kind of strap, grasping the cat in the blades, which fastened on the belly of the animal. The harness will reduce the risk while walking: the cat is not lost and will not get under the car. All harnesses used for walking are expensive and pedigreed cats (and cats) and also when moving, when going to the veterinary clinic, during commuting. To put a harness on a cat need another home. This will allow him to advance to get used to it.

If there was a preference not a harness and cat collar, then it is necessary to attach a small token. It should be engraved with the coordinates of the owners of the animal. In addition, such a collar on the cat is undeniable proof that this animal home. It is believed that the collars do not fit cats because their neck is more delicate than dogs, and therefore it is easily damaged.

First walk. The first walk in the life of the domestic cat (cats) must take place in a quiet and peaceful place. Well if there will be other members of the household to which the cat is accustomed: it will give him more confidence. If a quiet place is far from home, the cat recommended to convey to his arms. Once the site walk is chosen, the cat should be put on the ground, to caress and to wait until he will not start any movement.

You should not pull the cat on a harness! Having experienced such unpleasant emotions once the cat begins to fear for his walks. It is worth noting that the cats long to learn unexplored places. The normal reaction of a cat for the first walk could be this: the cat just sit on the ground and begins to visually examine the new surroundings. Sometimes cats begin to slowly sniffing everything that is around them.

Do not forget that cats, unlike dogs, can "lose" his master at a fairly short distance. Therefore it is not recommended to move away from your cat away, especially during his first walk. Here operates the following rule: unlike dogs, a cat follows the man, and he for her!

Attention! Before the walk there should be some preventive measures – vaccinations and gostovanje. One caveat: the range can be tamed absolute majority of house cats.
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