Accustom the cat to the street with tray

If the tray is in a secluded location away from leaving the house, begin to gradually move it closer to the door. Just move it 2-3 meters every few days. The kitten will find a tray at a new place by smell.

Fluffy Tomboy too accustomed to the place, finds your toilet and leaves a puddle on the floor? It will pay special attention, to watch him. As soon as the kitten escaped the former site of the toilet with the purpose of naprudil another puddle, starts to rake in typical foot invisible filler, urgently pick up it and take in a tray at a new place. Be patient, show him the new location of the tray again and again. After a few days your whiskered pet will get used to it, the tray has the ability to quietly navigate and learn to find it yourself.

When the tray reaches the front door, feel free to send it over the threshold. As soon as the baby starts to look for the missing the toilet, open the door and let him out. The cat has no choice: either he will do his business in the tray, or find a good bunch of land for this purpose.

Some time after these manipulations pet will appreciate all the beauty in the street toilet, the variety of places for digging in the earth and independence from the hosts and cleanliness of the tray. He starts to ask on the street itself, to cast a vote at a threshold and to sharpen its claws against the door jamb.

It is the most effective method, but it requires a lot of time to implement. There are quicker options for training the kitten to go to the toilet outside. But they require from owners more attention to the pet. Ideally, during training, one of the owners must constantly be home to watch katakai.

Other ways to teach a cat to pee on the street

As soon as kitty starts to look for a dark corner and show by their behavior that he needs to use the toilet, have him stand on the street. Long the baby will not be tolerated and still do their business outdoors. Watch him and to repeat these steps daily until he gets used that does not have a tray and can use but lawn near the house.

Another way to accustom your cat to the toilet in the street is to walk him after every meal. As soon as he eats, leave it outside and walk in nature. Little frolic, run through the grass and find a good pile of sand for the needs. After a few days the shaggy dog will develop a reflex immediately after eating to go for a walk and doing there own business.