An adult dog should immediately be taught to endure hardship to certain hours of walking. And the little puppies are so often write that to walk 10 times a day will not work, so more convenient if they will do it in the tray for dog to which you want the puppies to teach.
To the adult dog has learned that going to the toilet on the street, take a cloth, moistened with her urine, and hang it in the yard in the Bush, or placed nearby. When an animal while walking will smell the familiar smell, then empty their bladder on this rag. Need to pet the dog, praise and give a treat.
как приручить собаку взятую с улицы
Walk your pet must be strictly at the same time after feeding, then he will develop a reflex, and the dog will endure to walk.
собака приручить лоток
Very stubborn dogs can snap on the leash in the apartment. Under him she spoil will not be possible to sustain a time to walk. And over time the animal will get used to go to the toilet only outside.
как приучить собаку к туалету
A puppy is more complicated. Immediately after his arrival in the house, you need not to skip the first urination and the urine to wet a rag, and then give the puppy a sniff and put in the tray. For Kobelkov need to use the tray for the dogs with the pole. On him and hang a wet rag.
как приучать таксу к туалету
The first time toddler does not understand what he should do, so this ritual must be repeated again and again until you fail to teach your puppy to toilet in a certain place. And you must remove all of the carpet in the room where outfitted the pet. If he makes on the carpet the puddle at least once, the smell of urine will provoke his shit here again.
Little clumsy puppy very hard to get used to the small area under the tray. Therefore, it is necessary to lay the papers or diaper a little more space and gradually to reduce it.
To all the above you can add the following. When the dog needs to pee she starts to fret, to whine. So it lets you know the owner that it is time to walk.