It is proved that three or four thousand steps a day helps keep weight at the right level, but eight or ten thousand daily steps contribute to a speedy weight loss. The most important thing is to understand that energy consumption must always be higher than consumption.

How much should you walk?

Forty to forty-five minute walk every day can help burn calories received from food. If you continue to walk for a longer time, the fat deposits that had accumulated by the body over time, start to burn. Proper nutrition will speed up the process of weight loss, even if all the physical activity you're going to resort to walking.

Ideally, every day need a little boost walking for a few minutes. Two or three weeks – and you will find that walking became an integral part of your life. Don't stop and pretty soon will lose weight.

If possible, walk to work on foot. Well, if time allows, take a walk in the evenings, at least a little. This, incidentally, will improve the quality of your sleep, which is also indirectly help to fight obesity.

To achieve maximum effect, do not start walking at a fast pace. To start just walk, enjoy the atmosphere and fresh air, then you can increase the pace of walking and the path will again be reduced, allowing the body to return to normal.
Walks should bring you joy. It is not necessary to go for a walk, as hard labor, this greatly reduced the effect of the event. Just enjoy the walk, not ismatavimai the body. Go a different route, try to vary the walks. Choose for walking walking on hilly terrain, unless you have a lot of extra pounds. Take daily photos during walks. They can boast in social networks. Besides, this is a great option to keep a personal account of success.
Find like-minded, walks together more pleasant and easier. But the effect of them is equally stunning.

Give yourself installation that walks burn your fatty layers. Imagine it in your head. It is proved that such practices make any exercise more effective.
Try not to slouch, straight back at the long walk ensures no back pain.

Control the rhythm of their gait, it is not necessary to force yourself that much. Control can be a conversation while walking. Even if you walk alone, try to pronounce several long sentences while walking. Shortness of breath suggests that you need to at least slow down a bit.

How many steps is equal to two kilometers?

Make your walk to be effective, buy a pedometer. You can put the appropriate software on your tablet or phone. Every day follow the indications of the device or program. This is a very interesting practice that promotes self-control. Some advanced pedometers can calculate calories burned. This is very useful if you follow the caloric intake. Besides, in the future, forgetting the pedometer at home, you will be able to count on the map how many steps you did.