The Terriers- dog is quite Moody and schooling to cleanliness sometimes takes a lot of time. But mostly it depends on the nature of the puppy. They are all different and someone stops soiling the house in 2.5 months, and someone to learn it during the year.
For starters, teach your pet to walk in a tray or on newspaper. This can be done by restricting the movement of dogs. Give the puppy one room or block off part of the area of the aviary. Cover the floor with Newspapers. Gradually reduce the number of Newspapers, eventually leaving one in the tray. Be patient and act with kindness. If you yell at the dog, she's just going to look for a more secluded place for the toilet. When the baby is done doing his business on the paper - be sure to praise him. So the puppy will understand that there's only one place where you can spoil.
How to teach the Terrier to <b>WC</b> <em>street</em>
Separately want to say about cleaning a dog's troubles. Use only professional. In regular often added to the composition of the ammonia contained in the urine. My way Paul, you don't eliminate the smell, and only reinforce it. The puppy will come back to this place again and again.
Accustomed to defecation on the street , you need to also gradually. A walk with the little puppy needs at least 5-6 times a day, it is desirable to do immediately after sleeping and eating. Remember that to 3.5 - 4 months, puppies can not control urination. Therefore, to blame for leaving the room puddles impossible in any case. Better to praise the kid when he did his business outside the house. To do this, take him for a walk a treat and let the pieces of the puppy. You can also play with your favorite games, leave the stick, the ball. The time will come and your dog will get used to going to the toilet on the street.
Sometimes the puppy is doing at home pools, not because can not stand up to the street, and from the overflowing of his emotions. Notice when he does it. Try to turn the dog's attention on something else. It happens that a pet suffers from incontinence as a result of disease of the kidneys or intestines. In these cases, a timely appeal to the vet will help to avoid problems in the future.
Most importantly, always act with kindness and perseverance. A puppy is like a child, the more dog breeds the Terrier is so small. Do not scold your child and be patient and you will succeed!
How to teach the Terrier to <b>WC</b> <em>street</em>