Advice 1: How to induce bowel movements constipation

Constipation – an unpleasant problem, which gives a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, intoxication and General malaise in some cases. To cleanse the bowel as possible with the help of medication and natural remedies.
How to induce bowel movements constipation
As quickly as possible to cope with constipationom will help magnesia powder. It is sold in drugstores, has a reasonable cost, but high efficiency. Dilute 15-25 g of magnesia in half a glass of cold water. Check if all the crystals are dispersed, otherwise possible vomiting. Drink gulp the resulting solution on an empty stomach and quickly follow with sweet water magnesia is very bitter. After about 30 minutes you will feel the first urge to defecate. Keep in mind that drinking magnesia is possible only in the case that you don't need to go anywhere.
Still fast, but a softer effect can be obtained if we take "Duphalac" or "But". Similar action is also famous for "Senada". Carefully read the instructions for use and consult your doctor. From these funds will not be severe diarrhoea, but a bowel clean. If you take drugs at night, the effect you'll feel in the morning.
Put an enema, if you drink medications you do not want to solve the problem with the constipation as soon as possible. This mug Esmarch pour warm boiled water, insert the lubricated tip into the anus, lie on your right side and open the tap. After all of the water gets into the intestine the stool will begin to soften, therefore, are in the immediate vicinity of the toilet.
Constipation help and candles that you can buy at the pharmacy. Harmless, but effective are considered to be glycerol. Insert them into the anus and wait for about 30 minutes. Diarrhea will not, but normal stool should be followed. Apply glycerin suppository is individually in each specific case, some people say that the urge to defecate occur in the morning hours, if to put a candle in the evening.
To solve the problem of constipation by using proper nutrition. Include in the diet more vegetables and fruits. In the morning eat fresh yogurt at lunch, an Apple, and for dinner, for example, a salad of cucumber, cabbage or beets. Drink plenty of water and natural juices. Totally abstain from junk food.
If constipation continues to bother you is a reason to visit a gastroenterologist and proctologist. It is possible that the problem is associated with diseases of the digestive system or intestines. Eliminating the cause will disappear and constipation. The average person needs to go to the toilet once a day. If this does not occur, there is intoxication, bloating and many other symptoms that worsen quality of life.

Advice 2: What juice helps with constipation

About this issue, not to say aloud, even with close friends. However, the violation intestinal motility may lead to serious consequences. Those who hesitate to admit their troubles, even the doctor should be consumed as vegetable and fruit juices from constipation.
What juice helps with constipation
Wondering what juice helps with constipation, it is necessary to first identify the root of the trouble. Only the elimination of the causes will lead to a complete recovery, and the local impact on the problem will only exacerbate it.

Causes of constipation

Most often the problem with constipation occurs in the background of a sedentary lifestyle. Office work tends to slow down metabolism and stagnation in the intestine. To combat constipation, you should exercise 2-3 times a day.

Also constipation can occur when the abuse of sandwiches, flour products, with insufficient intake of fluids and fiber. To fix the problem help a balanced diet on schedule.

Often constipation is a result of stress. Often, nervous people eat a lot without feeling real hunger. To avoid constipation, you need to learn to control your appetite with willpower.

What to do at the first sign of constipation

Constipation is the, poor bowel movement, often entailing an anal fissure. Just rare bowel movements constipation are not.

Those few days can not go to the toilet and feels discomfort in the anus, it is necessary to resort to an enema or laxative tea. Also need to starve and to drink more pure water. This will help to prepare the body for treatment.

Traditional recipes from constipation

The fastest way to solve problems with the intestines – drink fruit and vegetable juices from constipation. Nature gave man a lot of products, normalizing motility: tomatoes, plums, bananas, strawberries, pumpkins, peaches, apples and many others.

Tomato juice is very useful to women. It contains substances that increase the level of the hormone serotonin, and relieves stress. In addition, fresh juice of tomatoes has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended to make the juice yourself, because packaged juices contain preservatives that brings all the benefits of tomatoes to zero. In fresh you can add herbs, chopped olives and pickles.

Mothers are interested in what juice helps with constipation children. Most useful mixture forms a pulp of banana and strawberry. First, the fruit is rich in serotonin and norepinephrine, the second is a treasure trove of flavonoidov, organic acids and vitamin C.

It is also extremely effective for constipation, the juice of dark plums with pears, apples and peach juice, cranberry juice, a decoction of figs, prunes and dried apricots.

Before course use any juice you should consult with your doctor and find out if you have allergies.
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