So kitty took the tray, you need to install it. Try to choose a secluded, hidden from prying eyes place. On the other hand this is not the place to be closed, do not deprive the kid of the opportunity to get to the toilet at any time of the day or night without your help. The perfect place can become a bathroom, but you should consider the possibilities of his apartment.
Choose a quality cat litter.
As soon as you bring the kitten home, immediately put it in a pan, Pat a couple of times, say something affectionate and let him look around, sniff the new object.
If you teach the kittens born in your house, wait for 4 weeks. At this age the kittens start to leave in the first independent travel around the room. Don't miss these rides. As soon as you notice that the kitten stopped and tightened up a little, take it and immediately re-pot in standing near the tray. Just one or two times to have the baby have developed a conditioned reflex. Leave the tray in the room for another week until the kittens will not grow up enough to find a toilet there, where you define it a permanent place.
In the case of a small or a big trouble in the wrong place, show kitten his displeasure, unable even to scold him, but in any case do not punish physically. The permissible maximum tap it lightly with the forefinger on the nose when you make this hissing sound. So a mother cat explains to the children that they have done something impermissible. Then take a delinquent on your hands, take it to the tray, switch to gentle tone.
It may happen that the kitten does not like the tray, filler, or the smell of detergent used to disinfect the kitty litter box. Try to understand what is the reason for the rejection toilet. Sometimes you should just stop washing it with bleach, as the situation is changing dramatically and the kitten eagerly starts to use the tray.