Advice 1: How to teach a kitten to walk on the tray

Cats are by nature very clean, so accustoming them to the tray in childhood is not difficult. Just explain to your pet what is pan and for what purposes to use it.
Cats clean animals, they are happy to use the tray.
So kitty took the tray, you need to install it. Try to choose a secluded, hidden from prying eyes place. On the other hand this is not the place to be closed, do not deprive the kid of the opportunity to get to the toilet at any time of the day or night without your help. The perfect place can become a bathroom, but you should consider the possibilities of his apartment.
Choose a quality cat litter.
As soon as you bring the kitten home, immediately put it in a pan, Pat a couple of times, say something affectionate and let him look around, sniff the new object.
If you teach the kittens born in your house, wait for 4 weeks. At this age the kittens start to leave in the first independent travel around the room. Don't miss these rides. As soon as you notice that the kitten stopped and tightened up a little, take it and immediately re-pot in standing near the tray. Just one or two times to have the baby have developed a conditioned reflex. Leave the tray in the room for another week until the kittens will not grow up enough to find a toilet there, where you define it a permanent place.
In the case of a small or a big trouble in the wrong place, show kitten his displeasure, unable even to scold him, but in any case do not punish physically. The permissible maximum tap it lightly with the forefinger on the nose when you make this hissing sound. So a mother cat explains to the children that they have done something impermissible. Then take a delinquent on your hands, take it to the tray, switch to gentle tone.
It may happen that the kitten does not like the tray, filler, or the smell of detergent used to disinfect the kitty litter box. Try to understand what is the reason for the rejection toilet. Sometimes you should just stop washing it with bleach, as the situation is changing dramatically and the kitten eagerly starts to use the tray.
Useful advice
If the kitten made a puddle, clean floor thoroughly to remove all traces of odor. Otherwise, the kitten will call it your toilet.

Advice 2: How to teach a kitten to walk in the tray

Kids need to be taught everything, not an exception, and kittens that do not know where they need to go to the toilet. A few better things to podbroshennye animals that lived with mom a little longer than their counterparts. All children learn from adults, observing the behavior and habits of moms, the kids are doing everything is similar to her actions. But do not worry, if you saw a small puddle on the carpet, the kitten can be trained to go to the toilet.
How to teach a kitten to walk in the tray
Buy the tray and kitty litter. Can replace the filler torn paper. Further, when the kitten learns to walk in the tray, make sure there was always dry. Cats are clean animals and a dirty tray will not go, and the smell in the apartment due to a rare of change of litter will not be pleasant.
If you notice that the kitten fusses and looks for a secluded area, take it in the tray and strictly explain that going to the toilet need to be here and nowhere else. The view that animals do not understand people wrongly. In fact, they easily catch the intonation and meaning. If you nabludaet for the baby and often to talk to him, you will see this repeatedly.
When the incident already happened and nothing you can't fix, a little scold furry dirty dog and re-send it to the tray. Some people recommend to stick his nose in the place where occurred the accident, but it is wrong. Max, what you need to do is just to show what he had done and where the next time you need to go to the toilet.
Periodically drive a kitten on a tour to get acquainted with pan, whenever possible, remind your kid where he needs to do his business. Well, the carpets will have the first time to clean, because nothing can be done. Some kittens catch what is required of them, the first time and no problem.
Useful advice
Never scold a kitten too much, that he did not understand faster, you. Be gentle, but at the same time strict.

Advice 3: How to make a cat box with their hands

Cats are clean dogs and rarely shitting, anywhere. However, taking the cat into the house, it's important to take care of the kitty litter. If you do not want to spend the money – make the tray with their hands.

You will need:

- plastic pan or solid cardboard;

- adhesive tape or a piece of cloth;

- mosquito net.

The easiest way to make a toilet from a plastic tray. Take the mesh material (mosquito net, etc), cut out the rectangle on the internal size of the pallet, glue the edges with tape or adhesive tape to avoid injuries when changing the toilet. Pour into the pan a layer of 1-2 cm of sand or sawdust, cover with homemade grid and the tray is ready.

Instead of a metal grid you can make a grid out of cardboard: cut a suitable rectangle, glue to completely wrap and make holes with the awl. The distance between the holes should be no more than 1 cm.

Grid need to ensure that the animal is not drenched legs when urinating. Solid excrement is easier to remove from the grid than to pour into the toilet along with a bunch of sand. Just shake the mesh over the toilet and flush.

Toilet also can be made out of cardboard, cut the right size box, reinforce, pasted film or oilcloth. A simple tray is not satisfied? Zadekorirovat a toilet with a cat head and letters-stickers.


Cutting the tray from a cardboard box, make one side slightly more than the others. Cut the remaining cardboard from something like a feline head (a half-circle ears) and glue to the lower side. Glue the tray with foil or rubber sheet, glue it to the head element of the letters in a name of a cat or cats.

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