Perhaps the subject "How to teach a kitten to go potty" on the popularity of one of the most important on the discussion forums. Sometimes this process is the owners of cats is quick and easy. And sometimes the animal begins to show character. And then unfolds the whole fight.

In order not to have a nervous attack, trying to educate pet hygiene, try to follow the instructions that were professionals.

Methods of teaching kitten

котёнок горшок

Often the kitten you already have some skills on the toilet, because the cat, possessing highly developed intuition, learned to guess his wishes and took him to the potty when he felt that this time. It doesn't matter beautiful or not. To teach the month is better because it is often guided by the reflexes.

Your job as owner is to buy the right pot and filler. Try not to choose a deep pan with high sides, the kitten will not only be difficult to get out of it, but to go.
The height of the rim should be no more than 7 cm. Better even if a little smaller, because the monthly kitten is still a baby.

It is also worth remembering that the tray should not contain the bottom two, to have the mesh. The kitten legs are still weak, and the claws small. It is easy to get stuck in the grid, and more to walk the "dangerous" pot is not.

Next, you need to pay attention to the choice of filler. It is divided into several types: clumping, wood, sawdust etc.
To use the ancient methods, such as sand or torn paper today is not worth it. It's expensive and unhygienic, and their ultimate goal you will not achieve. The cat simply will not like that he had wet paws.

Often, professionals recommend to opt for clumping of the filler. He collects and smell, and paws the kitten will be immediately dry.

Next, you need to choose the right place for the tray. Do not think that the only logical option is the toilet. Be sure to focus on this issue at the kitten. First, the door to the toilet can often be closed or be too heavy for his legs. Second, find the pot somewhere in the toilet more difficult than, for example, in the hallway. For example, it is recommended to choose for a cat, or a quiet place, hidden from prying eyes, with a dim light. In addition, it is desirable that there was a lot of space for the pet to easily turn around, politicsa if he wants.

Introduce the kitten to the potty. Immediately after he has eaten, take him to the potty and put him in it. For a long time you will not have to wait: little kitten and goes about his business almost immediately after you eat. Repeat this several times, and the cat will develop a reflex.

If something goes wrong

как приучить тоя к туалету

If the pet does not want to go on the potty, digging in the corners, etc., do not immediately lose patience. Here you will only persevere. Alternatively, you can put the kitten in the toilet and barricaded that he could not leave until it performs. But it is worth checking and easy compliance with the recommendations. Maybe you just put the tray where it's too bright.

If the animal goes to the toilet on items that are absorbent, the doormat, the doormat, shoes or Slippers of the master, take all the time.

If the kitten took a fancy to a certain place and only goes in there, move it to the pot. If this is not possible, try to discourage the kid by putting orange peels on this place, or wiping the floor with vinegar.

The main thing is patience, patience and again patience. But it will help you cope with this task.