You will need
  • - special tray or box with low sides;
  • - cat litter or plain sand.
In the first few weeks after birth when they are "breastfeeding", kittens "serves the cat. Licking kids, his rough tongue, she simultaneously massages the anus and urinary canal, immediately eating and licking everything that stands out. Therefore, in the cat "nest" is always a clean and inexperienced owners think that these cat's "angels don't poop".
как быстро приручить котенка
Stool kittens can be seen only after they gradually or immediately, if they were taken from a cat, will move to regular food. This usually occurs at the age of 3-4 weeks. In this case, the cat is starting to lick with the purpose of "disposal" of waste and you need to take this moment to accustom kittens to the tray.
как приручить катьонка к туалету
Usually this is no problem, if you managed to track their first attempt to go to the toilet independently. To do this, you ready already should be the litter or box with sand. As soon as you notice that the kitten began to worry and cross your legs the surface, as if breaking the sand, place it on the tray. Typically this would be neat enough once to understand what is required of them.
как приучить кролика к туалету
As soon as the kitten begins to walk in the tray, you will have the ability to control how often he poops and writes. Frequency of visits to the tray "large" depends on what you feed him. If it's semi-liquid food that contains vegetables rich in fiber, go to the tray it will be 3-4 times a day. When his food consists of protein, and you give him the extra special dry food for kittens, the number of such visits will be no more than 2 times a day.
как бить кролика
But you should understand that it is not so much how many times he poops a stool. If the kitten is healthy and gets a balanced diet, its droppings will be the same shape and consistency as in adults cats, maybe a little softer, but diarrhea to be exact should not. In kotenochek excreta also should be no mucus nor blood.
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