First and foremost, remember – preparing for the army should begin long before the call. It will be easier to transfer exercise, if you to them will already be prepared. Physical education classes will not give the desired load, do some sports.
Also train yourself to be independent. Perform at least basic things: wash their clothes, sew buttons themselves, pegmatite and wash the floors in the apartment, watch your appearance. All you have to do in the army, and it will be easier if you will serve as already an independent person.
Next, decide on the choice of profession. In the army soldiers are appreciated, having professional education. Especially sought after professionals in the following specialties: mechanic, driver, electrician, computer programmer, electronics technician, chef.
Now some advice relating directly to the service. Try to find a friend, as one in the army very hard. Friends are easier to confront the difficulties of army life, and grandparents more clinging to "single".
Once I get to the part, write the letter at home: where are you, what is your address, as you are settled. So, your family will be able to contact you, a letter from the mother city is a great moral support to the beginner.
And most importantly, grasps everything on the fly! For this, in any case, don't get drunk in the road. If on the first day stand out as "brake", so will all the service in the "brakes" to go.
Now about bullying. She was, is and will be an army custom. But learn to distinguish bullying from lawlessness. For example, to make the bed seniors is bullying, and to darn his socks – it's chaos.
And remember, you have to get home alive and healthy. Be wise.