Airborne – elite army

Assault units have high mobility, and therefore belong to the troops of fast reaction. In a real war, the Marines will have to perform tasks in scope of enemy troops after landing from the air. They have to fight and carry out sabotage operations in offline mode, in isolation from the main units of the army.
From the Marines require a high combat training, consistency and the ability to act quickly in extreme situations, relying solely on their strength.

Future recruits do not always have the opportunity to choose the place of service and branch of service. And yet even in modern conditions, when the prestige of military service are significantly lower than in Soviet times, young people are eager to get the service in VDV. Interest in these elite troops associated with a positive image of the paratrooper, established in domestic mass culture and the public consciousness.

The desire to join the glorious military traditions of the airborne forces is understandable. Everyone who has passed severe school of the airborne troops, knows that to wear the uniform of a paratrooper honorable and responsible. Service in the troop units are not only romantic, but also hard work. But the difficulties make us stronger, build character and make former pupils of these men, ready, if necessary, to stand up not only for themselves but also for others.

What gives.

Airborne troops – smithy leaders and a school of courage. In a military collective, the young man becomes a real man. Here is formed and hardened character. Tough schedule and high physical requirements able to break the will of weak only human. Those who aspire to success in the service, are not afraid of difficulties.

Service in the airborne teaches not only to order and discipline. In combat is of great importance to reciprocity and mutual aid. Therefore, landing the team at all times differed coherence and high cohesion. A sense of community, imparted at the time of service, helps and in civil life.
A former paratrooper – a reliable and loyal friend, always ready to help in a difficult situation.

Assault troops give excellent physical training. In the service process, special attention is paid to sport, agility, strength and endurance. In the training of the paratroopers includes skydiving, playing hand to hand combat and other martial arts. Paratrooper learns to master not only firearms, but also melee weapons. And, in extreme situations he can cope with the enemy and with the help of improvised means.