You have a need to print a small booklet with advertising your organization. Even if you decide to use the services of the printing, the layout will have to create yourself, as publishers take already finished projects. To create booklets on a professional level, it is wise to use special programs: Quark, Ms Publisher, Adobe PageMaker. But using a text editor Word, to cope with the task quickly and easily. Importantly, had the necessary information and photos.

Settings Word

To make a booklet in Word, you need to make certain settings and this is best done manually. You first need to change the Orientation of pages from portrait to landscape. This setting is in the "page layout" menu "File" in the tab "Fields". Here, you can, if desired, to adjust the margins of the booklet. Because the field already, the more information you can place on the page.

Booklet design

For the colorful design of the booklet can be used, and other settings of Word. For convenience, the page can be divided into multiple columns. On the toolbar located at the top of the text editor, click "Columns" and drag the desired number of columns. If necessary, you can add the table as usual, and Exel. They are configured as in the upper part of the Word. Clicking on any of the tables, the required number of columns and lines of the table.

Also, for registration booklet, you can use different font configuration, various color, font color and so on. For convenience, you can use the "drawing Toolbar". Icon that opens the panel, located on the toolbar, and it opens at the bottom of the text editor.

Creating a booklet, make the elements to process in the usual way. Make a variety of texts, inscriptions, images, place tables, experiment with color.

Please note the page numbering. If your booklet needs to assign page numbers, do it manually because Word can not navigate.

Going to the menu "File" select "print" to output the finished booklet to print. Do not forget to specify the print settings as needed, as this document has its own special characteristics. It is advisable to print a booklet with two sides of one page.