You will need
  • - Microsoft Word.
Enter the text of the document you want to print on format A5. In page setup select the sheet size A4. All pages of the document must be in the same file to print the text in a brochure. If necessary, set between sections of the document, the page breaks by using the menu "Insert" – "Break" or Ctrl+Enter. If necessary, add pagination, use the command "Insert" "page Numbers".
Click on the link to download and install the driver for printer Fine Print. Is a virtual printer that intercepts is sent to the printing data using its own interface performs additional formatting and document management. This printer allows you to put on a single sheet to eight pages and print them in the format of the book. You don't need to think how to put parts of the document for printing. FinePrint will do it automatically and will only give you the commands for printing and page turning in the right direction.
Install the driver to perform a print document in format A5. Run the command "File" – "Print". In the print dialog select the printer Fine Print, then when you first run this driver you will need to print a test page to run the driver setup.
Following the instructions of the wizard, do a printout of the document. Next, remember the order in which the print document to A5 and print your document. In the print settings specify the format of the document "Booklet" and click the "Print"button.
Follow the instructions, print the document on one side of the sheet, then after the message about the need to turn over the paper, put it in the tray and click "OK".