To create a new document in Word 2003, click "File", use the command "Create". Then in the same menu click "page setup". In the settings window "tab Fields" under "Orientation" select "Landscape".
In the "Pages" section, expand "a Few pages" by tapping on the arrow of visas at the right boundary of the field, and click "Brochure". The list "the Number of pages in the brochure," enter the number of document pages that will be included in the brochure. In the section "Fields" check the value for the internal and external fields. In Word 2007 all the settings for the creation of brochures are in the tab "page Layout" in the "Field".
To turn the brochure is ready, open the document in Word click "Open" from the menu "File". Double-click on the ruler at the left edge of the screen and enter all the necessary parameters in the opened window. If the document contains images or diagrams, they may have shifted due to formatting. Look closely at the text and fix any new bugs.
Press Ctrl+P to invoke the print dialog box. Click "Properties" and in tab "Final processing" check the box near the option "Print on both sides". Return to the print dialog box, click "Options" and under "duplex printing" specify the order the pages print.
When printed all pages on one side of a sheet, the program prompts you to flip the paper over. Remove the paper from the paper tray to be checked out, flip and put in the tray for receiving, then click OK.