You will need
  • Text editor Microsoft Word 2007.
Bring the sheets with the text in a printable book format. To do this, download the editor source file, finding it in the standard file open dialog. To launch this dialog by clicking the round Office button in the upper left corner of the window and selecting the menu item "Open". Alternatively, press CTRL + O.
Go to the tab "page Layout", placed on "tape" at the top of the editor interface. Click "Fields" in the section "page Settings" - it is placed closer to the left edge of the tape. In the popup list click the bottom option ("Custom fields") in order to access detailed settings of page formatting.
Click the dropdown list next to "multiple pages" under "Pages" on open by default the 'Fields' tab. Expand the list and select "Booklet" is in the editor book format embed pages per sheet. As a result, in this section the editor will display another drop - down list - "the number of pages in the booklet. If you want to split the book into multiple volumes, set this field to limit the number of pages in a future book. If the restriction is not, leave the default value ("All").
Adjust, if necessary, the values of the fields between the text and the edges of the printed sheet, as well as between the text and the book's flyleaf. These settings are located in "Fields on this tab.
The pages are printed two on each sheet, so if you want to book format was more (or less) than half a standard sheet of A4 paper, click "paper Size". In the top section here are the drop-down list of standard formats - select. If print will be used a non-standard paper, specify the size in inches is placed below the input fields width and height.
To the page numbers printed at the outer edges of the sheet, click the tab "paper Source" and check the box "different odd and even pages of the section "headers and footers". You can also specify the size of the fields between the headers and the edges of the sheets, and cancel the printing of header and footer (including page number) on the first page of the book.
Click "OK" and save changes (CTRL + S).
Check the readiness of the printer to print book pages and press CTRL + P. this opens the print dialog, which can, for example, to set the number of copies and choose the printer, if the system has multiple. You can do without this dialogue, if you open the editor menu, go to Print and click Quick print.