Order when ordering a booklets in the printing not to spend money and time unnecessarily, it is necessary to clearly determine the goal and purpose of your booklet. Most importantly - do not overdo it with excess information. The booklet, printed on expensive paper bright, but it is too bulky, hardly will interest a potential customer that is already on the second page listed the benefits of your product will begin to yawn. Therefore, the first principle in the preparation of the bookletand all the unimportant throw away!
Booklets are usually printed on paper format A4 or A3. Vary the number of folds (folds): 1 fold or more, all depends on the imagination of the designer and the customer booklet. The most common format is "Eurobooklet" (210*99,2 rebate).
Printing a booklets in the modern printing is offset and digital means. Digital printing characteristic for urgent orders, offset printing is advantageous for large quantities. To save money, decide the circulation and then choose the printing method.
With a strong desire and small opportunities you can try to print the booklets and at home: for this fit the usual Word and digital printer. Proud of the work done will visit you, but like your creation to potential customers - remains an open question.
Create a booklet, put its contents under the layout.
Please note that when adding sheet to see the text change, what was the third column will be on a sheet insert, and the text with the first column of the title page and the second column of the sheet will continue on the flyleaf.
Run double-sided printing on the printer and set the desired number of copies. Turn the printed sheets into a booklet.