You will need
  • Word, the pack of paper, printer
The printed text in a book from Word, but using the printer functions. Go to the File menu, choose Print. Go to printer properties. Almost every laser printer has a function of printing on a sheet a few pages. Select the printing mode two pages per sheet. From left to right. Thus, when sending a document to print, for example, the first two pages, only spend 1 sheet, the printer will print them in sequence: first 1, then 2.
When the selected designated printing mode, it is necessary to create the correct print job. Here, too, you need to consider a few things. First, it is important that the number of document pages is a multiple of four. In another case, you want to know what turns you can leave it blank and put in places the page breaks.
You are then required to enter the page sequence on both sides of a sheet and paste these numbers separated by commas. Now push the print. Received printed pages and lift, without changing their position, refuel again in the printer. Note: do not turn the leaves do not change their position. The next step is to specify the second range of pages left, and repeat manipulation is the same as first printed by the party.
You can use another option of printing the textand in the form of books, in the Word itself. But it should be noted that the driver performs this function correctly, not Perekareva fonts, as it happens, if the settings are put in the Word. Nevertheless, we denote this as an option. Find the File, go to Print, select the Number of pages per sheet is 2, set the page numbers 1 and 4. When the page is printed, turn it, then go in the Number of pages per sheet, select 2 rooms 2,3. Note that the optimal number of pages for a booklet in the range of 80, if more, it turns out thick, it is uncomfortable to bind.
For those who have MS Office 2007 and newer versions, these tips are not useful. Here is a different system. But it is not as complex as the previous one. Go to page Layout, select page setup, go in the Field, then we find the column (Several pages (it's somewhere in the middle of the displayed page, on the left side), select the box Brochure.