If you like reading, you probably thought about an electronic version of the book. And I must say, to replace paper books and magazines to electronic is the right choice, as from the date of purchase of the gadget for reading in the bag you will have a library.

You will approach e-book if you need to have a compact device for reading.

It should be remembered that:

- The majority of readers does not have any backlight, so this book is impossible to read in the dark (though there are models with lighting).

- On many models of e-readers, you cannot install third-party software (games, etc.).

Screen most models of monochrome e-readers (e-ink, allows a long time to recharge the device).

- In order to upload to reader files, you will have to connect it to the computer with a special cable, however, more and more models of e-books supports Wi-Fi.

- The price of the reader no less than the tablet.

The fact that e-books are designed in such a way as to make the reading process as comfortable as possible for the human eye. Screen books e-ink consumes a lot of battery power very sparingly. Of course, there are readers with the ability to install the game, go online, however, because e-books "tailored" for comfortable reading, viewing sites or gaming small.

You'll like the tablet if you need a multifunctional device, which is necessary to carry. The tablet allows almost everything that can be done on a normal computer to search for information on the Internet, work with documents of different types, use e-mail and messengers, watch the video and listen to music, make and view pictures. However, these opportunities are, oddly enough, can interfere with reading, because his eyes in the process of reading from the screen of the tablet tired more often than when using e-books, and the battery runs out much faster.