If you are going to a funeral wear dark, modest clothes. If you are a female, do not abuse the bright makeup and don't forget handkerchiefs, for sure you will not be able to look calmly at the grief of family and friends. No jewelry for you to not be.
Go to the family members of the deceased and Express your condolences in a quiet and delicate manner, not to aggravate the situation tragic expression on his face or the words that break on the crying. You should keep a rigorous calm. If you're a close friend, silently hugging someone from the family members to hold hands, expressing their support and willingness to help in their grief.
In that case, if you are unable to attend, condolences to the relatives Express in writing, even if I learned of the tragic event from them. It is impossible to Express condolences, through a phone call.
During the preparation to the farewell and the farewell turn off all their mobile phones. If you are expecting juicy and important call, set the phone to silent with vibration, you can always walk out before you pick up the phone or call back. Try to move less and do not break unnecessary talking a mourning silence. In the room where the coffin with the deceased, must be turned off and the radio and TV.
If, during the farewell ceremony you want to say warm words about the deceased, try to keep within a few sentences. Saying goodbye, just wait a bit at the coffin and the flowers you brought him, lay on the grave.
A follow-up visit after the funeral, apply a few days, Express your sympathy and, if possible, provide practical help.