In the preparation of a bouquet of flowers, which is a pregnant lady, you must think about not only what flowers loves this woman, not only about their beauty and symbolic value, but also about the possible impact of colors on the health of the unborn child.

Medical indications

During pregnancy a woman is acutely aware of the odors, and the perception of them may change. Even the flavors that were perceived as neutral, can cause allergic reactions, headaches, painful nausea or even vomiting. For this reason pregnant women are advised not to give flowers with a strong scent of lilies, Jasmine, lilacs, Prunus, chrysanthemums, peonies, daffodils and even violets.

The user should choose the colors, almost devoid of smell: flowers, orchids, irises, and roses it is better to choose a modern hybrid varieties.

Absolutely contraindicated to pregnant women the flowers have the ability to pick up oxygen from the air. Among these belongs to the Mimosa, which men love to give women on March 8, as well as hydrangeas, Primula.

A pregnant woman can be given not only a bouquet but plants. It is best suited for this agave, dracaena, cactus, monstera, Chlorophytum, plant water, sansevieriya, aloe. All these plants clean the air from carbon dioxide, and aloe and even neutralizes formaldehyde, which highlights the furniture from chipboard. Light aroma of these flowers promotes better sleep.

Symbolic meaning of flowers

The floral emblem of pregnancy is the physalis, which is popularly called the "Chinese lantern". Typically, these "lanterns" husbands give wives, hinting that it's time to think about the addition to the family, but you can give a flower and then when the wife is already pregnant.

Women must be protected from nervous excitement, which can contribute to vivid colors. Choosing the colors of the bouquet, it is better to prefer quiet colors, choosing white, pink, blue, or blue flowers.

Note that during pregnancy, even the most intelligent and reasonable woman may be painfully insecure. You should avoid these colors, which can cause any negative Association. For example, yellow color is traditionally considered the "color of betrayal", and if the husband will give his pregnant wife a bouquet of yellow flowers, she is able to see in this cruel hint. Cloves often bring to the funeral, and the lady can see in these flowers "a bad sign". Each women can be and personal associations with colors that have to be taken into account, making the bouquet.