Advice 1: What kind of flowers you can give to pregnant women

Bouquet of flowers – the perfect gift for women. Rejoice in him and the expectant mother, but not all flowers are acceptable to give to a pregnant. It is important to remember the particular state in which it resides.
Flowers - the perfect gift to a pregnant woman
In the preparation of a bouquet of flowers, which is a pregnant lady, you must think about not only what flowers loves this woman, not only about their beauty and symbolic value, but also about the possible impact of colors on the health of the unborn child.

Medical indications

During pregnancy a woman is acutely aware of the odors, and the perception of them may change. Even the flavors that were perceived as neutral, can cause allergic reactions, headaches, painful nausea or even vomiting. For this reason pregnant women are advised not to give flowers with a strong scent of lilies, Jasmine, lilacs, Prunus, chrysanthemums, peonies, daffodils and even violets.

The user should choose the colors, almost devoid of smell: flowers, orchids, irises, and roses it is better to choose a modern hybrid varieties.

Absolutely contraindicated to pregnant women the flowers have the ability to pick up oxygen from the air. Among these belongs to the Mimosa, which men love to give women on March 8, as well as hydrangeas, Primula.

A pregnant woman can be given not only a bouquet but plants. It is best suited for this agave, dracaena, cactus, monstera, Chlorophytum, plant water, sansevieriya, aloe. All these plants clean the air from carbon dioxide, and aloe and even neutralizes formaldehyde, which highlights the furniture from chipboard. Light aroma of these flowers promotes better sleep.

Symbolic meaning of flowers

The floral emblem of pregnancy is the physalis, which is popularly called the "Chinese lantern". Typically, these "lanterns" husbands give wives, hinting that it's time to think about the addition to the family, but you can give a flower and then when the wife is already pregnant.

Women must be protected from nervous excitement, which can contribute to vivid colors. Choosing the colors of the bouquet, it is better to prefer quiet colors, choosing white, pink, blue, or blue flowers.

Note that during pregnancy, even the most intelligent and reasonable woman may be painfully insecure. You should avoid these colors, which can cause any negative Association. For example, yellow color is traditionally considered the "color of betrayal", and if the husband will give his pregnant wife a bouquet of yellow flowers, she is able to see in this cruel hint. Cloves often bring to the funeral, and the lady can see in these flowers "a bad sign". Each women can be and personal associations with colors that have to be taken into account, making the bouquet.

Advice 2 : What flowers bring to the funeral

Funerals are always terrible shock to close friends and relatives of the deceased, even if we are talking about the death of old or seriously ill person. To observe in such circumstances, tradition is very difficult, but you need to try to do it, paying special attention to the colors that will be brought to the coffin and laid in the grave.
What flowers bring to the funeral

What kind of bouquet is appropriate to bring to the funeral

It is advisable to choose for a funeral bouquet of even number of colors not exceeding 12. Of course, it is doubtful that someone will count the plants, but to keep the tradition still stands. Also note the design of the bouquet. The best option is to bring the individual flowers are not bonded to each other, because all the bouquets all the same mix and put it first in a coffin and then the grave. There is another option – flowers, tied with black ribbon. Jewelry, and modest, is only valid in baskets and wreaths.

Carefully choose the colors of the bouquet. Here are two important rules. First, in any case, you cannot select a variegated composition. Secondly, it is desirable to give preference to white, red, blue, purple, Burgundy shades, but not yellow, orange, pink, cream. If you knew the deceased, and he was a close person for you, pick up his favorite flowers the right shade – it will be a good symbol of your respect and love.

What flowers to choose for a funeral

Very often the funeral bring red and Burgundy roses. There is a certain symbolism. These flowers will mean love or blood relationship, or that people have lived a hard life and very hard to die, but now his suffering is over and he has no more pain. Similar are the red carnations which are also suitable for burial.

If you want to Express respect for the deceased or to show that he was an honest, sincere person with pure soul and thoughts, choose lilies and violets. These flowers should be placed on the grave of a spiritual person or a deeply religious person.

Also often choose plants, symbolizing rebirth or eternal life. In particular, we are talking about the iris: these flowers with the dark buds will mean that the deceased continues living in the hearts of their loved ones. It is appropriate to add any funeral bouquet willows, symbolizing the transition of the human soul to the other world and its eternal life. You can use any number of willow twigs at your discretion – their number may not be even.

Also good option would be to use sprigs of cypress, yew or arborvitae, complementing the flowers. They will also mean the life of the soul, its rebirth in another body or in another world, and respect for, love for the deceased and sorrow associated with his death.

Advice 3 : What flowers to buy for a funeral

Flowers accompany people not only throughout life but even after death. For day of memory and grief there is a special arrangement of flowers, which expresses respect and love for friends and loved ones who have left this world.
In European countries for funerals often bring flowers yellow, because it is the color separation and sadness. In Russia and neighboring countries are considered to be the appropriate flowers are red, blue and white colors, while yellow is perceived as an inappropriate connotation because of the excess brightness.
White and other light colors bring, usually at the funerals of young people or children, because this color symbolizes purity and tenderness. The older the deceased, the more dark colors for example. Purple, blue, dark red flowers are considered to be the most suitable options.
You can Express your emotions with a suitable flower arrangement. Instead of the traditional colors, you can use evergreens in matching ceramic pots. The yew, cypress, thuja will help you to show that the deceased will remain in your heart forever. Irises for many centuries, symbolize the hope for a revival. Laying these flowers on the grave of the deceased, you emphasize that he will live in your heart forever.
In Russia the basic "funeral" flowers are carnations of different colors and pale rose. If you know exactly what flowers the deceased liked in life, make a bunch of them. This will help you Express your respect and affection departed in the world other person.
It is believed that the number of colors must be even, but this is true only for Russia and several neighboring countries. Fresh flower - an ancient pagan tradition. The fact that first of all even numbers carrying negative meaning, symbolizing death and evil. For bouquets, which contain more than twenty flowers, this rule does not apply.
Instead of a bouquet you can bring to the grave of the traditional funeral wreath is a symbol of the cycle of rebirth and immortality of the soul. Of course, artificial wreaths are much easier and more practical natural, but still they cannot compare with wreaths of flowers.
Funeral wreaths are usually made up of a hundred or more flowers arranged on a circle. Usually they are intertwined with green pine branches or fern leaves. Variety used for making wreath of flowers carrying a concealed value. So, red roses speak of long life and heroic death. The wreaths placed on the graves of young people who can present lilies and Calla lilies. They signify hope and purity.

Advice 4 : Whether you can give a cactus

Cactus – green plant with many thorns. It requires only minimal maintenance. In the era of global computerization of the cactus is the perfect protection from the electromagnetic radiation, so to give it to a busy person in the office would be appropriate. However, the cactus as a present is causing a lot of controversy. It is associated with some omens and superstitions.
Whether you can give a cactus

Signs, which do not recommend giving cacti

The cacti in the house spoil the character of the owner. At first glance, this popular superstition that seems pretty stupid. However, many did notice changes in the character of the people a lot of time to devote to the cultivation of thorny plants and care for them.

Another omen claims that if the girl got a cactus as a gift, she will gain family happiness. This superstition is due to the fact that the character of the owner of this plant can vary, meaning it may become more tough, active, or even more aggressive. Accordingly, such quality is unlikely to help the girl to become soft and loving wife.

It is believed that the cactus "expelled" from the house of men. To believe such accept or not – you decide. However, a lot of happy families bred these plants at home.

It is also believed that cactuses feel well and grow only where there is a congestion of negative energy. Conversely, in a house with a good atmosphere, these plants quickly wither. It is possible that this folk belief has some truth, because even in the last century botanists found the relationship of plant growth and energy background.

There is a belief that cacti are only suitable for people with power and tough in nature. In the East it is believed that different people suit different plants. It's possible that this sign also has a right to exist. Because the cactus is powered by negative emotions, from mild and good man he will not be able to fully.

However, the people involved in the breeding of these prickly plants, make fun of these signs. They claim that the cactus help to focus thinking, relieve fatigue, fatigue, headache, and just pleasing to the eye. And according to people who do yoga, the cactus belongs to the mystical plants. It teaches patience, and also contributes his energy to strengthen the body and spirit.

Who can you give a cactus?

If you believe the Eastern calendar, this prickly plant corresponds to the year of the Dragon. So it is perfect for people born in this year, especially in the period from mid-January to early February.

In addition, the cactus fits the melancholic and phlegmatic, as well as those who feel constant fatigue and lack of energy. It is possible that it will help its owner to recharge your batteries and become more active man.

However, before you give this plant, you need to think whether it is interesting as a present. Perhaps best to give the cacti only people who are fond of breeding houseplants, collect them. Indeed, despite the simplicity of the cactus, he still need at least minimal care.
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