A man can wear to the funeral-a black suit with a plain shirt and a long tie with a neutral color. Do not wear too many accessories, it is enough some hours. You can replace a suit of dark jeans and turtleneck. If before the ceremony, the organizers announced in advance that must be present in the black outfits, then you should wear a shirt, suit, tie, socks, shoes of black color.
Classic women's attire for a funeral is a black suit that can be with skirt or trousers. Also acceptable will look classic black dress is simple and austere style (without sequins, brooches, plaques and other eye-catching details). If you choose Trouser suit, the pants should not be tight. Give up the leggings. Skirt or dress should be just below the knee (the knees should be covered, especially if you have to attend Church). Is not appropriate at a funeral mini-skirt. You can wear instead of a costume, a long skirt with a dark blouse, turtleneck or sweater. Chest and shoulders should be covered. Head tie black shawl or scarf. Makeup should be restrained, not to apply the eye shadow and paint the lips.
Leave your sports shoes, boots and flip flops at home. Instead, you should choose the proper, more sensible shoes that should be thoroughly clean. It is not recommended to wear women's high heel shoes, as they will be difficult to move around the cemetery, heels will sink into the ground. Avoid tasteless and large accessories, including necklaces and cufflinks.

If you go overnight, then you need to take a few suitable outfits. If the burial ceremony is held in overcast and rainy day, it is advisable to take a large black umbrella. Good idea to grab a handkerchief. Perhaps you'll need it or standing next to the man. Men are recommended to have a minimum of two handkerchief.