You will need
  • - the basis for a wreath;
  • - floral pins;
  • - Scotch;
  • - greens (branches of spruce, pine, juniper, fern, etc.);
  • - fresh flowers;
  • - funeral of the tape.
For the funeral wreath, choose large flowers – roses, Calla lilies, chrysanthemums, gerberas, lilies, carnations, orchids. Sometimes, this pack also include the favorite flowers of the deceased.
The General rule of mourning compositions eliminates the diversity – focus on two or three shades. Look best contrasting combinations. Choose strong colors – red, purple, white, Burgundy. Suit and some shades of yellow and orange.
As a background for the flowers is the greens. For wreaths often use spruce branches, but can be included in the composition of other options – pine, juniper, fern, leaves Salalah, ivy.
Funeral wreaths are different – oval, round, triangular, cruciform, through or in the form of a shield, miniature and large enough. Better to start with small wreaths – the traditional round or oval shield.
For any wreath to need basis. It can be bought ready in shop ritual supplies to order in the workshop or make your own. Professional florists recommend to turn off the base gofrotruba – it is quite lightweight but extremely durable. For small wreaths approach based wire.
Draw the song you are going to realize. Having defined the appearance, calculate the required amount of material. You can buy it with a better margin – the damage of several colors or broken studs – a common phenomenon in the creation of the song.
The next stage – the selection of colors. Choose fresh, large specimens. Before fixing the wreath they need to hotpot maximally shortening the stems, place the flowers in a container with water. In the water you can add special solutions, prolonging the life of flowers.
Now start creating the wreath. Special floral pins attach the branches of greenery and flowers, hiding sections of branches and stems. For greater reliability, the flowers can be fixed and tape. Make sure that the wreath was not bald spots. Inspect the finished wreath from all sides, including from below and to the light. You may not have noticed some defects, but the prying eyes can see them.
If you want to pin a flower or branch from the top of the composition, not concealing the stem, think about how to mask studs. You may need a narrow ribbon in a contrasting shade.
The final touch is securing a mourning ribbon. On the wreath, which will be installed vertically, the tape is attached at the top and fastens on the bow. The long ends with the inscription will fall on the sides of the wreath. Small round wreaths, you can twist the tape so that the inscriptions could be read.