Everything and always want to be given flowers stood longer. It should be noted that it is not only the cultivar but also in the proper care of the bouquet.

What flowers can stand for a long time

At all times maintain the popularity of the rose and the chrysanthemum, which with proper care can last up to two months. Long enough to keep gerbera daisies and orchids. Freesia, Mimosa, hyacinths and even tulips may also be pleasing to the eye for a long time. Best to retain fresh flowers, cut recently.

Quality roses are easy to identify on calyx: if it is bent – the flower is old and will soon fade. The chrysanthemums must not be dried tips of the lower petals. Any color is better to buy unopened or just beginning to open up. The petals should be firm, and the stems and leaves are succulent, green, cheerful.

Florists usually skeptical about folk remedies prolong the life of bouquets, but for those who do not have a professional "chips", such advice may be very useful.

How to extend the life of the bouquet

Before you put the roses in a vase, you need to trim the lower part of the stems and split them. The thorns and leaves that are under water should be removed. Water is better to take the supernatant, adding thereto a spoonful of sugar, boric acid (at the tip of a knife) and aspirin. To refresh the flowers, they can be put into a bowl with room temperature water for an hour or two, leaving the buds above the surface. Warm baths and love orchids. For them, the same way as for roses, it is important that the flower was above the water, and the stems require daily trimming.

Cut stems of gerberas will be useful to scalding hot water. They will last long, if at least a couple times a day to replace the water in the vase clean and cold (but settled). The same coolness and freshness like daffodils. Tulips are put into water with vinegar (tablespoon per liter) or aspirin (one tablet per liter). Some put them in the fridge, wrapped in paper, for a couple of hours, and only put in a vase after the flowers are getting warm.

Mimosa cooled in water for at least three hours, then scald the cut stems and put in warm water. Hyacinth will keep the beauty, if you cut the top buds and freesia will bloom faster if you hold it a day in warm water, wrapped in thick paper, and then the water is important to immediately change to a cold.

Flowers of different species should not be placed in the same vase or near as many plants are able to "choke" each other, highlighting specific substances in water and air.