Advice 1: Which icon protects pregnant

The long-awaited pregnancy can dramatically change the character of the woman and her attitude to life. For many, the news of impending motherhood becomes a real gift from heaven. The expectant mother worried about the health of the baby before birth. Prayer in this case could greatly soothe and protect from harm. Pregnant women need to seek help from certain images.
Prayer women

Prayers for pregnant women

There are plenty of prayers that help pregnant women to cope with the most crucial moment in their lives. Among the variety of sacred texts, you can choose the prayer for a particular situation. For example, the prayer "Of a successful resolution" will help during childbirth, "Prayer for children" will give the baby's health, and the prayer of "repentance of sins" will help to cope with emotional unrest.

The Icon Of The Mother Of God

The main patroness of mothers is considered to be the Icon of the Mother of God. According to popular belief, this icon even helps childless couples and facilitates the delivery. Ask for help from the patron at any time, and for this purpose it is not necessary to know special prayers. You can buy a small icon and to always carry it with you. The main thing – you sincerely believe in happiness, well-being and to respect the Holy image.

Icon Bogatov Righteous Joachim and Anna

Righteous Joachim and Anna is able to calm the pregnant woman and to give her patience. This is one of their main assistants and companions of pregnancy. The images depicted on the icon is the parents of the virgin.

Saint Paraskeva Friday

The image of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa has long been associated with family well-being. The icon helps not only for pregnant women but also those who for a long time can not arrange his personal life. Paraskeva Friday even the people called "Indian Saint."

The icon of the Mother of God "Pomorzanie in childbirth"

Do not confuse the Icon of the Mother of God and mother of God Icon "Pomorzanie in childbirth". It two different ways. In the old days this icon was given another name "populationsize wives initials regdate". This image of pregnant women come for help in childbirth, to receive strength and to pray for the health of the unborn child. To cope with depression and fears during pregnancy will help the icon of "Softener of evil hearts".

Surety of sinners

Surety of sinners is the icon, which depicts the mother of God. During pregnancy it is necessary to pray this way. Icon sins and gives support to all repentant. The same way we must pray for forgiveness if you have committed such a terrible sin as abortion.

Reverend Roman

The icon of St. Roman has miraculous properties. By legend of the Holy granted a pregnancy even to women with a diagnosis of infertility. In anticipation of the baby must thank the Reverend Roman for the opportunity to be a mom.

Advice 2 : What are the icons help to get pregnant

Often spouses who are already desperate to find the desired child, decide to seek help for the Lord and his saints. If people never went to Church and participate in Church life, they face many questions: Whom to pray for the birth of children? Before any icons to do this better?
The Icon Of The Mother Of God The Merciful
Christ asked the blind men who asked Him to leave them blind: "According to your faith be it unto you." These words show us that the most important thing in prayer before any icon is sincere belief. There are many different prayers for the gift of children: the Lord's prayer to God, the blessed virgin, the prayers of Matrona of Moscow and Xenia of St. Petersburg, Sergius of Radonezh, prayers in front of various icons of the virgin. Pray about the pregnancy and you can own simple words, most importantly, turn to the Lord and the Holy faith that your request will be heard.
About pregnancy you can pray to any icon of the blessed virgin. It is believed that especially help in the conception of child icons "Fedorovskaya", "Healer", "Merciful", "nursing the child". Icon "the Healer" comes from Georgia. In Moscow, the miraculous image of the icon is in the Church of the Resurrection in Sokolniki. The miraculous icon of the "Merciful" is in the conception monastery in Moscow. There are special prayers before these icons, but you can pray in your own words, if the texts of the prayers for you are not very clear.
Better if you pray for the birth of the baby before the icons will be both spouses. But if your husband does not believe in God's help and does not want to go to Church, do not despair, this does not mean that the Lord will not hear your prayers. In the prayers before the icons mention also your spouse, ask the Lord to forsake him and helped to gain him faith.
If you are particularly close to a certain Saint, for example, Matrona of Moscow or Saint Nicholas, you can pray before their icons. You can also read the akathist to this Saint. The akathist is a kind of praise prayer, which describes the whole life and miracles of the Saint.
Before any prayer places not to go to Church to confession, clean your soul from sins, accumulated over years of life. After all, the bodily disease is the manifestation of spiritual disease. Very often with lifestyle changes, a person with the appearance in his life the spiritual component, the ailments disappear. Inability to conceive can be attributed to spiritual ailments, so the Lord shows families what they need in their life to change things and to change ourselves.
If you never took communion, do it. The communion is the most important Church sacrament, in which we symbolically in the form of bread and wine partake of the body and blood of Christ, thereby become involved in the life eternal. Communion cleanses our soul, this kind of "medicine" for the soul. If you've decided to ask God about the birth of children neglect of Church ordinances. Communion is not some magical ritual, by taking communion, we remember the last Supper, when Christ distributed to his disciples bread and wine with the words "this is My body which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me."
Do not hesitate to ask for advice to the priest. If you came to Church for the first time, ask a priest to tell you how to properly confess, is how to prepare for communion, what prayers to read at home.
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