Many note that even in a loving and happy family child prefers one parent. If one of the parents is not enough day time to communicate with the child, take it in the evening before bedtime: read a story, ask what happened today. If this is not done, children to attract the attention of adults become restless and Moody. Parents must be willing and able to find half an hour to communicate with their children.

The most common fears in the age of 3-5 years are fear of closed spaces, loneliness and darkness. The main task for parents during this period to prevent the emergence of fears. Need to spend more time with the child, in time to reassure and explain that there is nothing to fear.

Sometimes the child begins to do what he wants, pramita, not listening to adults. His behavior, he shows that he is no longer a small helpless baby, but a person who has a certain opinion. Of course, parents don't need to prove his innocence, shouting, and Vice versa, it is enough to tell (not always true) that may occur after a particular action. The main thing is not to overdo it, to the child's fears not added a "do'er". Can allow practice to check the "rightness" of the child, for example, may touch a hot kettle or iron (within reason of course). Child, making sure you're telling the truth, will be more willing to listen to your words and opinion.

Sometimes a baby behaves well, loves to play with my mother and listen to tales, turns into an uncontrollable bully: beats mom, throwing toys and refuses to obey. Should immediately stop such behavior, because in a few years it will be too late.

If the child utters swear words, swear words, think about where he got them. You may need to follow the speech. Explain that in your family so don't speak.

Remember! The main point in education is that children do not notice that they are raising.