And what is important here is not so much the amount of time spent, how many its quality. We have prepared for you a few tips on how to strengthen the relationship with the child during the summer holidays.

Plan a getaway together

It so happens that children refuse to participate in family holidays, because they are "interesting". But if parents have to push and force, then what about the strengthening of relations can there be? It is therefore imperative to bring the baby to planning a family vacation. Choosing together with parents itinerary, hotel, looking at photos of interesting places, the child could not "go into denial".

Another tip: for a child is not important to watch, to climb, to touch, to swim, to skate, to do something with their hands. Then a pleasant experience (and in the future - shared memories) will be the "bricks" that make up a good relationship.

Make friends with his (her) friends

Summer vacation should be used to establish a relationship with a friends daughter or son (especially if they had grown). To be calm for the child to know where he is and with whom you need to invite me to the house of his (her) friends. And if you don't like? Then especially need to do this! Communicate with them, listen, ask, just do not read morals. Communicating with d rustami his child, you will better understand your child, and you will have more possibilities to influence the situation. If you are not happy with boyfriend or girlfriend, in no case do not say: "He is stupid and evil." Express their judgment only on the specific act of telling, as I would a real friend.

Take the child into the intricacies of the family budget

Psychologists are sure that in summer the child should take a break from school! During the holidays it is better to talk about 'adult' topics, such as money. Your child will be interested to know how you earn, how to plan a family budget, etc. you Can take the child to the Bank and explain the meaning of simple operations. You can bring the level of economic education even an ordinary trip to the store. Will teach you not just to take off the shelf products, and pay attention to the price and "meet" in the budget. Becoming a source of useful knowledge, you will raise your credibility in the eyes of a child, and thus, strengthen your relationship.