Description and origin of the icon "the Unfading blossom"

The icon "the Unfading blossom" depicts the mother of God, which on one hand keeps his son Jesus, and the other squeezes the flower of the white Lily. The last item is the personification of purity, youth and eternal beauty on this canvas.
Interestingly, many of the icon "Fadeless color" different from each other. However, all of them the virgin holds a flower, whether it be a Lily or a rose.

Today it is not known the exact date and place of creation of this icon, however, experts believe that in Russia it appeared in the 17th century and brought the pilgrims from Greece. According to legend, the origin of the icon "the Unfading blossom" is associated with mount Athos, where he grew bessmertnyi. These flowers were present on the first icons and the virgin Mary was depicted with a scepter and a throne. Over time, the tricky part was removed from the plate and in the hands of the blessed virgin began to portray the Lily.

The value of the icon "the Unfading blossom"

The value of this icons for Orthodox believers is great. First and foremost, it symbolizes purity and cleanliness, that is why it often turn young women wanting to preserve their honor for the future husband. Before the icon "the Unfading blossom" also pray to find a decent and loving husband. So happened that this icon is supposed to be female, but to pray in front of it, of course, all believers. This miraculous relic is also often bless the young bride in her wedding day and give it to her.

Married women turn to the virgin Mary depicted in the icon, asking for help in overcoming adversity, falling in heavy female share. The virgin helps to keep the family together and make happy marriage. This icon is also customary to pray for the preservation of a righteous life, overcoming any difficult life situations.

There is also a belief that this icon helps women to preserve their youth and beauty for a long time. Not by chance it bears the flower, is a symbol of eternal beauty.
The celebration in honor of the icon "the Unfading blossom" among the Orthodox committed on April 16.

Many authors in their works mentioned about miracles performed in this way. So, in "the Legend of miracles of the virgin have taken place on mount Athos," the monk Meletios describes the healing of the patient, which occurred from touching the lilies on the icon in 1864. Thus, it became known that the icon "Fadeless color" helps the sick back to health.