In Orthodox Christianity icons are of great importance. The images of the saints are filled with joy and peace of dwelling and temples of the Russian people, they heal and help in a difficult moment, give confidence in their abilities, hope for help and support from above. Moreover, they are also invaluable pieces of art, no matter how they pay, what time was created - the faces on them are refinement and rare combination of colors.

The icon as a gift will please every true Christian and will be the first step to faith in the Lord, even for the most ardent atheist. To give the images of the saints can and should and loved ones, and friends, colleagues on Orthodox holidays and family observances, in honor of the birthday and baptism day, professional holidays and secular ceremonial meetings.

What icon to give loved ones

Your loved one can give on his birthday or name day personalized icon with the face of his patron Saint which will protect his miseries, troubles, life troubles and diseases.

The newlyweds decided to give so-called wedding couple – the bearing faces of the Theotokos and the Lord of Seperately. Such a gift symbolizes the inseparability of the pair, keeps the peace in the house and, typically, becomes the main family heirloom for years to come. On the anniversary of the wedding it is recommended to give the icon of Peter and Fevronia or faces of Capriana and Ustinia.

Newborn or baby novokreshenova giving the image of the guardian Angel, or a personalized icon. You can Supplement the gift with a cross, but not necessarily. Protects baby from harm and grant him health way with the face of St. Stilian.

Jubilee age can be presented an icon with the face of the great Martyr Panteleimon, which stores mental and physical health and AIDS in healing. And pupils or students presented the icon of St. Sergius of Radonezh, which helps in the development of the Sciences and the exams.

What kind of images can be presented to colleagues

There are Christian saints who patronize and protect the representatives of certain professions. For example, doctors presented with an icon of St. Panteleimon the Healer, and the military – the face of St. George.

Drivers, railroad workers, pilots and all who are on duty often on the move, it is possible to present as a gift icon with Saint Nicholas. This image can be placed in the office and on the desktop, so it will be appropriate as gift for staff, and for an individual employee in his memorable date.

The icon of St Andrew the Apostle give to all who in any way associated with the sea, after all, is their patron, and no matter people work in the port or go into a long voyage.

For representatives of all professions, without exception, to big business especially as a gift you need to choose the icon of saints Constantine and Helen, as they shield the holder from material hardship and favored hard work.