When to start to lure a child?

The best time is from 6 months, as baby's stomach is ready to enter other types of food. But your pediatrician or grandmother may tell you that you need 4 months to introduce solid foods, but follow this advice or not is up to you, but you need to consider all the facts for and against, and they are as follows: breastfeeding or bottle, the child's health, his growth, needs and your own ideas.

At 6 months a baby is physiologically ready for food intake, gradually lost the reflex ejection of the language; also his organiz produces all the necessary enzymes for digestion of various plant foods.

Breast-feeding at the time due to early introduction of complementary foods, many mothers are wondering where to start. Wise especially there is no need to reinvent the wheel too. Start with simple and harmless products, which eats the mother, for example, cottage cheese or yogurt. Just prepare these products for your baby — make the liquid for true cheese, yogurt and so liquid).

Another lure to start with vegetable puree of broccoli, zucchini. The main thing is to start with something and one to monitor the reaction. Semolina should not be given to child under one year, it is of little use and it prevents the absorption of calcium.

Tried the baby with a spoon, licked and all, do not expect that he will eat more, and most importantly - do not shove him forcibly, but it is possible to increase the dose every day tablespoons of food to be able to replace one full breast-feeding. After 7 months you can give bulany and soups made from lean meat, for example, eat soup, pour him into a personal platter, allow to cool, if necessary, with a fork mash the potatoes, meat and encourage your child.

When you start to give your baby regular food, he's a kid doesn't want to eat or drink from a bottle, only breast. It is therefore important to regularly teach (not be lazy and do every day) such a child to the food, otherwise later there will be problems. Why? Yes, because my mother's milk in her life one day may cease to be produced or it will be less; and because the child is in need of all kinds of products, they contain essential trace elements, minerals, vitamins.

Why the child refuses feeding, because it is so necessary. Maybe because not those products give? My child is categorically turned away from artificial milk and artificial cereals, but with interest ate soup, soup with chicken, and the products that I eat it. When you eat something, the child too is interesting and he will eat together with you.

With the introduction of complementary foods the main thing:

  1. Start with one product and feeding and semi-liquid form.
  2. To monitor the reaction to this product.
  3. Skip one breast feeding, but not to stop!
  4. After 7 month to enter into the diet of meat and yolk.