The icon "unexpected joy" gives it joy, and when people were desperate to expect positive change when he no longer has any hope in the soul, and he is not waiting for, hoping only for a miracle. And the miracle descends upon him, from this icon, and granted the joy of praying, which was not expected.

What and how can protect icon

The important thing is that the "unexpected joy" is able to hear and accept the prayer, imploring help from someone's deafness, however, it is not necessary that this deafness is a handicap. A much more common spiritual, or mental, deafness, and it is much worse than the disease. Prayer, which draws to our lady, and before the icon "Unexpected joy", able to protect against a large number of misfortunes.
That prayer reached the ears of the Lord, to pray is also to properly. If you read simply the prayer, is empty, need to wholeheartedly surrender to the request and to reject at this point, all to the sound of prayers went up, loud and clear.

If in the life of many sorrows, the couple are separated or family somewhere lost, no deprivation, and slander, all of these situations are able to be destroyed by prayer to the icon "unexpected joy." You need only to ask about her and her protection. And then the inevitable danger far gone, or gone will be guaranteed safe return to native land.

What can be the effective help of the icons

Once Marina Tsvetaeva wrote his "Poems about Moscow", where he spoke about the gift of this beautiful icon of emotional balance, spiritual power within themselves. If before the icon correctly and devoutly, the canons, to pray, to all, and often that is something long-awaited that to wait for already desperate people.

Parents prayer, finally his erring children to instruct on the right path, help them to turn from a vicious road. And even what praying is committed, and that he is not given, suddenly turns out to be exactly what is not necessary. That is, the failure was imaginary, and the fulfillment of the desire or commitment was truly a happy occasion.
If prayer before the icon "unexpected joy" was uttered about the fact that someone disappeared in the thorny roads of war, information about the death could not be true, and people were returning home.

Most importantly, need to ask about what is in the soul of the great tribulation, making it difficult to breathe and live a normal life. And when faith comes to naught, the icon "unexpected joy" will return hope.