This is clear evidence that for centuries Christians have turned to St. Barbara for help, thought of her as his intercessor. A very important point, which is "responsible" this Saint, is to get rid of a random, sudden death, including from terrible diseases, without repentance and performing all necessary religious human rituals.

In the Catholic tradition, Barbara – one of the "fourteen Holy helpers", which in the middle ages in Europe prayed for protection from the plague. It is also believed that it heals from smallpox, measles.

The famous proverb: "While the thunder will not clap, the peasant does not cross himself" came to Russia from Spain, and in the original version of this proverb speaks of a Martyr: "When thunder, just remember Saint Barbara", i.e. it decided to apply to the most complex, critical situations when to get rid of the tragedy can only wonder.

In Orthodoxy, Barbara is the patroness of the "women's Affairs", her holiday – Varvarin day – was considered "Indian". It helps pregnant women, new mothers. This Holy Rus, for centuries, have prayed that the birth went easily. Many Slavic peoples are asking this Saint to take care of the children, to give them health. In some countries, Varvarin day became a children's holiday, when made gifts to the neighborhood kids with sweets and wish them all the best.

The icon of St. Barbara – a great gift for religious young mother and her baby, and the woman who is going to become a mother: pregnancy period is quite long, and this Holy you can always pray for their health and the future baby.

This attitude towards Varvara applies more broadly: in some countries it is perceived as the patroness of fertility. According to legend, when Barbara was hiding from his tormentors, her footprints stamped on the ground, grew wheat.

Today, Barbara also decided to ask for help in the device of women's lives. When personal life is not going well, the Christian can appeal to Barbara. There's a special prayer this Holy about a successful marriage.

Despite the fact that a barbarian in life has undergone a terrible agony, it helps to get rid of such a sin as despair. Christians believe that Saint Barbara prayer, you can overcome depression, depression, sadness, apathy.

The feast day of Saint Barbara in Orthodoxy is celebrated on 17 December, in Catholicism – 4 Dec.