You can choose the icon of the mother of God in an antique shop, art show, or buy it in any monastery, which has its own icon painting workshop. It is believed that the ancient, sacred icons, have great strength, but the Holy elder in his theological works argued that any consecrated image is the Shrine. They say that the lithographic image, pasted on wood, and an old family strong our faith. Therefore, if you do not have enough funds to purchase expensive rare icons, buy image new email or conventional lithographic icon in any Church.
Icon of the virgin written in the Church canons and depict several traditional subjects, so they have the same name. You can buy the Theotokos: "Vladimir", "Kazan", "Tikhvin", "Feodorovsky", "Iver", "Smolensk-Novgorod". In addition, there are icons: "Tenderness", "Support to the humble", "perishing", "unexpected joy" "vsetsaritsa" and many others. There is a list of diseases and afflictions, which lists some of the diseases and troubles and protects one or the other icon of the mother of God. If the person you are giving the icon, there are problems, choose a gift that way, which we must pray for deliverance from them.
The image of the virgin you need to have in every home. If you do not give the icon to the target destination, then select the image of the iconographic type of "Affection" or "a guide" ("Protectress"). The first type is the icon of the mother of God: "Vladimir, "don", "Tolga", "Theodore". The second is "Kazan", "quick to hearken", "Tikhvin", "Iver".
If you want to hang the mother of God icon in front of the house, choose for this canonical image "of the blessed virgin".