During pregnancy changing not only the appearance of women, but her views and preferences, so choose a gift for her birthday becomes difficult. In addition, during this period, many women are superstitious and do not like to make surprises intended future baby.

If you can't decide what to give the birthday girl, tactfully ask her what kind of purchase it has long going to do, but so far it is not decided. On the other hand, you can choose a gift, focusing on your taste, as long as it belonged to one of the following categories.

Gifts for the soul

It can be Souvenirs, toys, sets for creativity, associated with future moms hobby: drawing, embroidery, beading, flower arrangement. A great gift would be an interesting book about the mother and the baby, preparation for childbirth, childbirth alone or in non-standard conditions, for example, in the water. Many women welcome pregnancy diary where you can record all the feelings about the waiting period remains. All this can be purchased at the bookstore.

They say that pregnant women should listen to nice music which also perceives and baby. So to cheer up the expectant mother will approach music collection on disk. There are special "music for pregnancy", consisting mainly of classic compositions.

Now it has become fashionable to do memory photos, when already noticeable rounded belly. It's a great way to pleasantly and usefully spend time, so the future mom will definitely be happy with the certificate for professional photography.

Useful gifts

Pregnant is by the way donated small household appliances, the purchase of which is often not enough time. That it will be useful in the house, no doubt. This can be a pressure cooker or a blender to make it easy to prepare yourself and your child, juicer, as fresh juice is very useful radio nanny or an electronic scale for the future baby.

Many women "in position", I would like to have in your wardrobe linens and clothes for pregnant women, but not everyone is willing to spend good money on their purchase. So a good gift for a pregnant will be a certificate from a specialized store where she can choose a suitable dress or an elastic bandage.

Practical gifts for health

Any pregnant will be glad, if it will present a convenient device for sleep such as a pillow, headrest or cushion. The growing belly, allowing the woman to take comfortable position on the bed, but with their help it is possible to make the stay
more comfortable. And later, when the baby gets here, they are also useful, for example, during breast-feeding.

Those women who are accustomed to an active lifestyle, and is currently preparing to leave, useful paid in the next couple of months pass for Aqua aerobics, fitness or yoga for pregnant. These classes improve health and mother and child.