To give the icon of the newborn can only close people: parents, relatives, future godparents or good friends. However, there is a sign that this gift to present the baby cannot.

Whether you can give an icon to the birth of a child

Clergy are advised not to believe superstitions and do not forbid to buy an icon for the baby. If it is donated from the heart, it is sure to bring joy and good fortune. For Christians, the Holy face is a welcome and protection. But before you buy an icon, you need to specify which Saint will protect the child from harm.

What is the icon of giving the child to the birth and baptism

Immediately after birth the child's parents or close friends can give the icon of the Guardian angel. Its better to hang near the crib so the baby had a sound sleep. A Guardian angel protects from evil eye and diseases.

For a newborn you can purchase the icons of the virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Nativity. St. Nicholas is the patron Saint of children, his icon is commonly put next to the bed the baby.

If the child has health problems, parents or close relatives is to select the icon of Matrona of Moscow, or of the great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon. Special force have the gifts bought in the churches where the relics of the saints.

The icons for child given in baptism. Select the face of the Saint for the sacrament needs the parents or godparents. Usually choose a personalized icon, Yegor, baptized under the name Georgiy, buy a icon of the Guardian angel of George. To make the right choice, always ask the parents what name to baptize the baby.

In the Orthodox world, the newborn decided to give dimensional icon, its height coincides with the growth of the child. It runs only on the order and presented a once in a lifetime.

The size and design of the icons may be different. Great options can be placed in the nursery, and a miniature put in the cradle and stroller. A beautiful gift icons are made of beads and stone. Do not forget about the pectoral icons of gold, silver or stone. Hang them on the neck, they will be accompanied always and everywhere.

If you decide to give to the newborn child icon, you have to first learn how his family felt about religion. Holy to protect only the believers who will turn to him for help and to share joyful moments. Child such a gift will accompany all my life.