Advice 1: What icon is worth to give on the birth of a child

On the birth of a child the relatives and friends of the family try to choose useful and memorable gift. To protect the baby from disease and trouble, give the icon. It will be reliable defenders and assistant for life.
What icon is worth to give on the birth of a child
To give the icon of the newborn can only close people: parents, relatives, future godparents or good friends. However, there is a sign that this gift to present the baby cannot.

Whether you can give an icon to the birth of a child

Clergy are advised not to believe superstitions and do not forbid to buy an icon for the baby. If it is donated from the heart, it is sure to bring joy and good fortune. For Christians, the Holy face is a welcome and protection. But before you buy an icon, you need to specify which Saint will protect the child from harm.

What is the icon of giving the child to the birth and baptism

Immediately after birth the child's parents or close friends can give the icon of the Guardian angel. Its better to hang near the crib so the baby had a sound sleep. A Guardian angel protects from evil eye and diseases.

For a newborn you can purchase the icons of the virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Nativity. St. Nicholas is the patron Saint of children, his icon is commonly put next to the bed the baby.

If the child has health problems, parents or close relatives is to select the icon of Matrona of Moscow, or of the great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon. Special force have the gifts bought in the churches where the relics of the saints.

The icons for child given in baptism. Select the face of the Saint for the sacrament needs the parents or godparents. Usually choose a personalized icon, Yegor, baptized under the name Georgiy, buy a icon of the Guardian angel of George. To make the right choice, always ask the parents what name to baptize the baby.

In the Orthodox world, the newborn decided to give dimensional icon, its height coincides with the growth of the child. It runs only on the order and presented a once in a lifetime.

The size and design of the icons may be different. Great options can be placed in the nursery, and a miniature put in the cradle and stroller. A beautiful gift icons are made of beads and stone. Do not forget about the pectoral icons of gold, silver or stone. Hang them on the neck, they will be accompanied always and everywhere.

If you decide to give to the newborn child icon, you have to first learn how his family felt about religion. Holy to protect only the believers who will turn to him for help and to share joyful moments. Child such a gift will accompany all my life.

Advice 2: How to hang an icon

This question sooner or later arises in everyone who becomes an icon or receives it as a gift. And really, how to correctly place it in the house to offer prayer to the Lord and not to violate any divine law? After all, prayer is a kind of sacrament, and any sacrament must be done in the appropriate place, not anywhere. How to hang icons in urban apartments or private homes?
How to hang an icon
The best place for icons in the house – the red corner. It was here, according to tradition, is the iconostasis, ecclesiastical literature, candles or lamps and the cross. Red corner house – is the wall opposite the entrance to the room. The location was no coincidence; everyone included may worship the images, not looking for them for a long time in all corners. It is better that the space in front of the iconostasis was free and allowed to stand in prayer for all family members and guests at the same time.
The altar is on the East side, as well it should have the icon of the house, praying to stood face to the East. However, if you do not have a suitable location for the images in the Eastern part of the apartment, you can hang them in any other place. It is important that it wasn't a dull area, in which sunlight cannot reach, and the wall that the icon will decorate and make it lighter. Icon to hang on an ordinary nail and set on a special shelf next to the other icons. If the icons in the house a lot you can do for them special iconostasis. Importantly, the process of collecting images does not become mere collecting. After all, their purpose is very different, and there is no relationship between the number of icons in the house and piety of its inhabitants.
It is not necessary to install the icons among the books on the shelves and in the shelves of the cabinets mixed with the cosmetics, figurines and photos of family. Also can't put icons next to the toilet or in a series of paintings and other works of art. Remember that the icon is not a beautiful picture and not just the image. The purpose of an icon in the house – saving of reverence and faith, and sacred protection. In the bedroom of the spouses of the icon positioning is possible, despite the erroneous belief of many that it's sinful.
Many believe that the marital bedroom and the icon – are incompatible. And even halt for the night iconostasis cloth. It is fundamentally wrong. Intimacy between spouses in marriage is not considered sin. In addition, no tissue from the eyes of the Lord to close it.
Useful advice
First and foremost, the house must have an icon of Jesus and mother of God. They are mounted on a common iconostasis in the Red corner. You can also install the icon of patrons of all family members or any other icons that are valuable for you.

Advice 3: What do you give godparents to a child at baptism?

Sooner or later, almost every Christian to become a parent or godparent of the genitive. In anticipation of the sacrament of baptism acute question: what to give the child at baptism?
The sacrament of baptism

What is the rite of baptism

As we all know, our great and vast country was baptized in 988 ad. And since time immemorial, every follower of the Christian faith, and his descendant have to go through the rite of baptism. The rite is still called the sacrament. And for good reason. In addition to the godparents, godson of the priest conducting the rite, or who is in the hall for baptism can not be. Nowadays every parent wants to capture the baptism of his child, but the rare priest will allow video or photography during the rite of baptism. During the ceremony the priest reads prayers, is named by God before, to bathe the child in Holy water and making the anointing.

A christening gift

In every family where there baby, sooner or later, the question arises about the gifts for the baptized child. The same question arises in narechenyh godparents, and also all relatives, who care for a baby. It has long been customary that the godparents should give a cross. Gold, silver, or metal – this is discussed with parents. It is believed that for a child there is no better metal than silver. The silver attracts and absorbs all the sickness and bad energy. The color of the metal fades and tarnishes.

Baptismal towel set and decided to buy the parents. In the store you can find and choose a huge number of different baptismal sets. And some mothers knit or sew them yourself. This makes the gift even more valuable. Baptismal set and towel to keep the rest of your life – it protects from diseases and misfortunes. Other family members of the baby - grandparents, aunts and uncles - can choose any gift for a child. It can be numerous toys, clothes, dishes or anything else. Here you can give freedom of imagination. The main thing that the gift was intended to the baby and was useful to him. Accordingly, no money do not give. But if you don't know what to give, better to ask the parents what their child needs.

What would you choose as a gift for a new Christian, the most important thing in the soul and wish him good health, happiness and all the best. This will be one of the best gifts for the baby. After all, the sacrament of baptism is one of the most important moments of religious life. From the moment of baptism for the health of the baby, you can pray and light a candle, hold the communion of the child. And this is very important for every believer, not for nothing that the word "sacrament" is a derivative of the word "happiness".

Advice 4: What are the icons

Icon – a kind of window into the spiritual world. Referring with icons to the image of his patron Saint, the person prays his prayer, detached from the vain material thoughts and doing important work on the formation of their own faith.
The path to spirituality
Since ancient times, has led the Christian tradition to give a newborn child the name of a Saint. It was believed that this way is provided by heavenly patronage and protection of this Saint and his teaching on righteous living. Icon of the Saint, after whom was named Christian, is called nominal. Moreover, in Russia, this Holy could be not only testimony, i.e., one bearing the name of the baptized, but also any other Saint, especially revered either in a particular area or in a particular genus. Most often to such icons were the image and face of St. Nicholas, Archangel Michael, St. John the theologian St. Sergius of Radonezh.

The types of icons

The iconographic tradition of images of saints on the named icons do not adhere to very strict canons, and because the image of the Saint may be added the face of the Savior, Guardian Angels, or scenes, which tells about the life of the Saint. Usually images of saints on icons are written in personal or lap – i.e. the figure on the belt, or growth – image of the figures of saints in full growth.

Dimensional icon

Variety icons – dimensional icon on which the patron Saint of the baby depicted on the Board, a rate equal to the growth of the newborn, the width corresponding to the width of his shoulders. The figure of the patron is necessarily depicted in full growth and, as a rule, does not contain any additional elements of iconography. Special attention in the image growth figures painters give hand gestures which have a deep symbolic meaning.

The selection of icons

In order to properly choose its own icon, you need to know the name of that Saint who is the patron Saint of this person. If the name of the person there in Christmastide, it is recommended to choose the name of the Saint, whose memory is celebrated on the closest day to the day of the birth or baptism of this man. But it is not forbidden to choose and the Saint to whom more is the soul and which man esteems more than the others.

Icons with a female name

The most popular personalized icons designed for female names, are as follows: the icon of Holy blessed Matrona of Moscow, St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, St. Martyr Tatiana the Holy Martyr Tamara, the Holy equal to the apostles Princess Olga, St. Catherine, great Martyr.

Icons with a male name

The most popular name icons with male names are: the icon of St. Ilya the prophet, the Holy GreatMartyr Demetrios, Apostle Andrew, Saint Seraphim of Sarov, St. Nicholas, St. St. Cyril Radonezh.

Advice 5: What icons of what to protect

Icons – most importantly the iconic decoration of Christian temples. True believers consider them an important part of home life. Orthodox churches hold a huge number of icons depicting images of Saints and scenes from Scripture. Man, first came to the temple for help to God, we need to know which icons to apply.
What icons of what to protect

The purpose of the icons

Icon "the Holy Trinity", symbolically embodying wisdom, intelligence and love, is the main Shrine of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. It is considered that "Trinity" must be in every home, as it is important in the destiny of man. Before the icon have to confess, asking for forgiveness of sins, pray for those who lost hope.

The image of the Saviour has always been a favorite in Russia, it is no coincidence that the face of the Savior was depicted on the banners of the Russian soldiers. To Save being asked to forgive sins, to heal diseases, to instruct on the right path. There is another type of image of the Saviour, called Christ Pantocrator, which appears as a heavenly king and judge. Before this image we have to thank God and to pray for their loved ones and to ask life's problems.

There are many versions of the mother of God. This is due to the fact that the blessed virgin appeared to people in different areas and at different times. And painters reflect its appearance in the icons, which were then adopted by the Church. In the book Eugene Poselyanin, written in the late 19th century, is mentioned more than six hundred icons of the virgin, worked miracles. The most famous and revered Vladimir, Kazan, Tikhvin, of the Iveron icon. In difficult for Russia the Protectress of the Russian people was made by the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. Since the baptism of Kazanskaya mother of God helps a person in work, blesses entering into a legal marriage, stop the fire. In their worldly needs people can always access it. Waiting for the accomplishment of important life events, should pray the Vladimir mother of God, whose image was accompanied by raised to the throne of the kings. This virgin can ask for the healing of the soul and bodily weakness, softening of a hard heart. The Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God is considered a guide to preserving human in a long journey. Icon of the guardian, the protector against evil forces, diseases, enemies and slander is the Iveron mother of God.

Russian people at all times, with a special love for the Holy Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. The icon with his image, you must purchase the house because it protects the family's prosperity, saves from want. Nicholas protects travelers, standing up for the unfairly punished people.

The GreatMartyr Panteleimon gave healing from serious disease during his lifetime. Saint Panteleimon ask health and aid in overcoming ailments.

"Modern" refers venerated saints of the Blessed Matrona, to the relics which with different requests every day comes a huge number of people.

St. Sergius of Radonezh is the patron of pupils and students. The icon with his face need to take with you when going to study or the exam. Those people whose work is connected with great risk to life (e.g., military, firefighters, rescue workers), protects from troubles St. George.

Every person there is an icon-the patroness and Protectress. To define the "my" icon at the date of birth.

Prayer before the images of Saints

Standing in front of the icons, you need to pray, that is, to lead with the Saints by sincere conversation with a request for help. This mental conversation has to be correct, then it will be heard.

Referring to Holy, not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts, need to focus and not to pretend. You can say the prayer aloud or in a whisper, but with feeling. Need to ask only about spiritual care for yourself and others, but not material. Before asking the Saints or apologies are conveyed for the personal sins. Turn to God with their requests need a long time, and not wait for their execution immediately. It is important not to lose faith, patience and hope.

To turn to God in the temple and at home, but it is believed that the prayers of the Church prevailed.

Advice 6: Where is the icon of St. Matrona

As one of the most revered Moscow saints, Matrona attracted the attention of the afflicted in times when you just need to regain faith and regain strength. People are drawn to this icon, lining up in queue in front of temples. But not everyone know exactly where to come to light a candle Martyr.
St. Matrona Of Moscow

The Way Matron

Born in 1881, the Matron lived 71 years, who dedicated to the kindness and service of the people. This desire was underpinned by a deep faith in God. From birth deprived of sight, she saw more than I could see other people. It helped the matron to better understand who turned to her, to send in their struggle with their own anxieties and temptations sent by fate.

The name of Martyr was given to her at baptism in honor of the venerable Matrona of Constantinople. In the day it was sent the first sign that a girl becomes a servant of the Lord – after the rapture on the font over her naked had the bright steam post.

Despite such a great destiny, life Matron was quite complex – poverty, mistrust on the part of large numbers of people, lack of understanding from peers in childhood. The mother pitied her daughter what enlightened said that she's not unhappy – she was given from the Lord much more than others, even healthy people.

In Moscow Matrona moved in 1925, where he remained until the end of his days, helping ordinary people in churches and temples. Here she was buried, and then removed from the ground and the relics of the canonized, making a Holy Matron. And in Moscow, you can visit the places where the relics of Matrona will help you to cope with life difficulties and self-doubt.

The place where you can pray over the icon of the Holy Matrona of Moscow

The main procession of pilgrims is located in the Pokrovsky monastery. Here are three main shrines, reminiscent of the miracles that made St. Matrona. This is the Saint's relics, the icon of the Mother of God for the cells, the writing of which was blessed Matrona of Moscow, and the icon of the latter directly.

To touch the Holy relics of Saint Matrona of Moscow and to pray over her with the icon you can also:
- in the temple Martyr St. George in the Valley;
- in the Church of St. Gregory neokesariysky in Darvizeh;
in the Church of the resurrection of Christ in the former semyonovskoye cemetery;
- in the temple of the Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian in Shubin;
in the Church of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, in the village of baranovo in Kursk region;
- in the temple of Kazan mother of God in Balezino in Udmurtia.

Remember when Holy

To ask for help from the Holy Matrons, do not have to wait for some special day, however, the relationship with her will be better if you pray in the days of her memory. Orthodox Church set several specific dates in memory of the great Martyr:
- May 2 – the day of the death of Matron;
- 22 Nov – day Saint;
March 8 - the day when the Church of the relics of Matrona of Moscow;
- September 2 – the day of the Moscow Cathedral of Saints;
- October 5 – day of the Cathedral of the Saints of Tula.
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