You will need
  • - statement of the established sample;
  • - receipt about payment of state fee title;
  • - additional documents to request.
Change of units installed number plates will entail the following steps. Faced with the replacement of chassis, body or engine, contact the traffic police. Apply for the passage of a vehicle inspection by an inspector. Pay the receipt. After inspecting the machine, you will issue a new certificate of registration will make the necessary changes to PTS with the changes of the number plate of a unit.
If you change the color of the body write a statement of the established sample. If the car is not on the move, inform the police that they need to pass inspection at the location of the machine. After the preparation of the inspection report, PTS will be included relevant information about the change of color of the car. Pay the receipt for the issuance of a certificate of registration of the vehicle.
If necessary, make drastic changes in the car (replacing the engine on the engine more power, the swap is on non-identical), contact the traffic police at the place of registration of the vehicle. Apply for modification of car and vehicle.
Upon consideration of the application by the decision of the inspector may be assigned to an independent examination to assess. If the decision is positive, contact a specialized service that is licensed to do such work. At the completion of the modernization, write a statement of completion of the inspection the vehicle inspector. After the inspection you will issue a new certificate of registration and amend the passport of the vehicle.