First you need to sign a contract with the seller. Remember, it needs to be filled in accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation. This document may be printed or handwritten. It is not necessary to pay attention. Its main purpose is the certificate of purchase. Notice under the agreement must be dated and signed by the seller. It is also recommended to have the signature of the witness to the transaction. The contract must be full information about the purchased motorcycle. Should be required to indicate the color and number of the engine.
In addition to this agreement, it is best to also create a receipt on the sale of the vehicle. It should also be stamped on the receipt by the seller of a certain amount of money. If there are no documents for the motorcycle, it is necessary to specify. This will help you to avoid problems in the future. After Contracting you can already consider itself the owner of the motorcycle. The fact that the registration of the transaction notary is not necessary.
After filling out all the papers necessary to write the application in traffic police to issue the passport of the vehicle. If the bike has no documents, the title you have still to give. This provision is spelled out in the law of the Russian Federation.
If you refuse to issue a passport for the vehicle, try to get the refusal in writing. To solve you need to take a copy of the contract and receipts, and written denial and to appeal to the court. They need to write the statement of claim about infringement of the constitutional rights to freedom of movement. Remember, you will have to pay a small fee. After this it remains only to wait for the court decision. Most often the claim is satisfied. Then you can register the vehicle and receive all the necessary documents.