Passport of the vehicle, it is also called PTS, is a document issued either by the manufacturer or at customs (in case of import of a car from another country). Also give it when setting vehicle registration, if there is no place to enter the new host transport. PTS can also be obtained on the vehicle, constructed on an individual basis. Only need to apply to US with a request to assign design VIN.

But the certificate of registration, which is often referred to as a registration certificate, issued to the owner of the vehicle in the battalion of the traffic police at the place of residence. In the data sheet contain all the information about the car, including colour, chassis number, owner's data, the technical characteristics of the car. This paper is the main document for the car, it's her identity.

As indicated in the data sheet?

The most important thing is the car brand and model. Then comes the color, identification number and the body number and the engine (after the adoption of the law on the fact that the motors are considered part, this column was canceled, the engine number is not needed). Also be sure to indicate which type the body of the car (sedan, hatchback, station wagon), year of the car and the license plate.

Of course, there are parameters such as allowed weight of the car with and without load, motor power in kilowatts and in horsepower and its displacement. On the back of the registration certificate includes owner information. Address, name, surname, patronymic, and there is a column for special marks. If there are any changes in design, and they are listed there.

How to get and replace the registration certificate?

If you bought a car or changed the color of old, or moved to another location, the residence has changed, or changed name, you need to replace the registration certificate. Procedure take pretty small amount of time. You will need:
- Title (original);
- your national passport;
- old registration certificate (if you have changed your registration address or name);
receipt about payment of state duty;
- insurance coverage;
- a document confirming the right of ownership (sale this agreement of purchase and sale, in other cases it is a title which has your data);
- application for replacement certificate of registration.

With these documents, you need to contact the traffic police at the place of residence. Will have to pay for the service replacement to provide a receipt to the Secretary. Employees of traffic police will check the vehicle for any penalties, you should title it in the Bank, not listed as stolen. If the vehicle is fully clean, you will make a new registration, you go home. But if the car is registered as stolen, we'll have to understand why.