You will need
  • help-account or contract of sale;
  • - passport of the vehicle;
  • - the insurance policy;
  • - passport of the owner of the car.
Remember that currently you can order your car in any branch of traffic police, which is within the region of registration. Choose the most convenient location of the office. To know its address on the website of the traffic police in your area.
Prepare a list of necessary documents for registration of the vehicle. You'll need help-account or contract of sale, the vehicle registration document, insurance policy and passport of the owner of the vehicle. Remove in advance a copy of an account, contract of sale and passport of the vehicle, because they are taken, and the original need for the tax authority in the future. You can also pre-pay state fee print receipt from the website of the traffic police.
When you make a car please note that Monday – day off in traffic. You better come directly to the opening of the branch to take a turn which in some places reaches impressive size. Try to put the car closer to the site of the inspection. This will help you in the future to reduce the waiting time in the queue for inspection of vehicles. Do not forget to remove the transit plates. They will have to pass.
Submit into the appropriate box pre-prepared package of documents and transit plates. After processing of the documents you will call on speakerphone and issue an application for registration of the vehicle, which you must fill in and sign.
Take the vehicle on site inspection of vehicles. Give the completed application and paid receipt to the inspector who will compare the engine number and the body of your car listed in the title. After checking your documents, if no errors are encountered, the inspector will send you back to the building where you first filed.
Wait at the appropriate window, the results of the iron rooms. In addition to the new rooms must give you back the documents and card registration. Be sure to check the spelling of your last name, first name, patronymic and passport data. Otherwise you have to go through the above procedure again.